Is Cucumber Healthy for Your Dog?

Cucumber is very healthy for human kind. It helps to lose your weight and stay fit. Often pet owners prefer to share their foods with their dog which is not good habit always. Not all human foods suit your loving dog and you shouldn’t give those to it. What about cucumber? Can you give it to your dog?

Actually, the answer is ‘yes’. Though, dogs are carnivorous, cucumbers can be a wonderful light treat for your canine friend. There are lots of vitamins and minerals in cucumber which are good for dog’s health. You will be happy to know that cucumbers are not only nutritious for your pooch, but that is also applicable for their training. Cucumber is considered as one of the most beneficial foods for dog.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers to Your Dog

  • There are certain health issues that are similar in human and dogs. Cucumber is very beneficial to prevent cancer, improve diabetic symptoms and also fights with high blood pressure in dogs.
  • Giving cucumber to your loving dog also keeps its liver and kidney at good condition. As cucumber is full of vitamin B, your dog gets a hike of energy and remains enthusiastic and active.
  • Along with these healthy benefits, cucumber also contains several phytochemicals which prevents bad breathe by destroying bacteria build up inside dog’s mouth.
  • As it is plant-based object, cucumber contains silica which is very helpful for joint pains and arthritis in dogs. Usually, older dogs suffer from joint pains and other arthritis related problems. Cucumber contains certain components that reduce joint stiffness and discomfort.
  • Obesity is a serious problem in your canine friend. Cucumber can be a light weight snack for it as there are no additional carbohydrates in cucumbers. If you see your dog is getting overweight, you should make it do exercises, like running around or roll or other tricks. Along with that, incorporate cucumbers and carrots in its diet.

How to Feed Cucumber to Your Pooch

Moderation is the key. Don’t give anything too much to your dog. Yes, cucumber is beneficial for its health, but too much of it can make your pooch gassy and lead to diarrhea.

Feed it small amount everyday so that it can get associated with the changes in its diet. You can also feed fresh and crunchy veggies from cucumber family, like zucchini, squash, etc.

Now, you know whether you can give cucumber to your dog or not. Remember always to give small amount and fresh ones.

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