How big will my dog get?

Every dog starts out adorable and small, as a cute puppy that people love to go “awwww” over. However, the fun is short-lived as pups soon grow into adult dogs of different sizes. Unless you are prepared, the growth rate can catch you off guard. You have to do some research about the type of dog that is perfect for you. You can use various metrics to narrow your choice down.

What is the Size of a “Designer Dog”?

These are also referred to as hybrid dogs, and have become especially popular in the last 3 decades. Some of these, such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles and Pocket Pitbulls, have become as popular as purebreds. One look at their patent breeds can be enough to estimate how long these will become.

You have to estimate how pure the parental bloodline of the dog is. If it comes from two varied purebred dogs, there will be no surprises when your pooch becomes an adult.

You should also consider the size that the breeder visualized before producing the dogs. Some hybrids come in large sizes. You will have to ensure the size of breed that helped beget the pup, in case the parental breeds come in varied sizes, such as a schnauzer or a poodle.

How Fast Can a Pup Grow?

It is important to determine how fast an adult frame will be formed.

You can make use of a growth curve chart. There are some calculations involved, which can be very effective in helping you plan the growth of your pup suitably.

You have to make a rough calculation of how large your dog is expected to be once it fully grows up. Once you determine this, chart out the growth of the pooch depending on how fast a puppy grows and the age of your pup when you bring it first to your home.

For example, a puppy has a rapid growth in the first 6 months after birth. By the end of the first year of life, average pups can get fully grown. The pup has be around 75% of its estimated weight at 6 months. Once this time passes, it hits a plateau in growth.

If you understand the projected weight of your dog, and its weight and age when you got it first, you can figure its expected weight out at particular intervals. You can also use an online chart to make the calculations simpler.

How to Estimate Mutts and Mixed Breeds?

Calculating the eventual size of hybrids and purebreds can be quite easy, although the same cannot be said about mutts and mixed breeds that have an unknown descent.

You should look at the paw size first. If it has large paws, you can expect its body to grow big enough. This is a similar trait in humans.

Also check whether it has loose skin. Its flesh can be expected to grow and fill out the skin, thus eliminating any wrinkles. The looser its skin looks like, the bigger it will grow for the skin to be filled in.

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