How big will my puppy get?

Although every dog starts out little and cute, it can often be difficult for owners to tell how big they will eventually grow. It is important to estimate how big your pup will get, as your home needs to accommodate it. You have to prepare your home to fit it during its adulthood, and also ensure that you can afford to maintain the upkeep and nourishment of the dog. The bigger the dog, the costlier its maintenance will be. Read on and know how to determine how big your pup will get.

Using Breed Quality to Determine the Size

You will like to determine how pure your hybrid pup’s parental bloodline is. There will be no surprises if it comes from two varied dogs, but purebred dogs.

Some hybrids come in large sizes. In case the parental breeds come in varied sizes, you have to find out which size of breed the pup comes from.

You should also consider other critical factors that have a relation with dog size, such as exercise needs, personality and temperament.

How to Determine the Size of Mixed Breeds?

When it comes to purebred dogs, such as German Shepherds, you can see that it has big paws to run on. Over a period, its body grows large enough to match its feet size, making it big enough to support its huge frame. Thus, the size of the paw of your pup could be an important indicator to the final size of your dog.

If it has loose skin, you can expect the pup to grow and fill out its flesh. This will smoothen its wrinkles. The looser your pup’s skin is, the larger you can expect it to become.

Although such metrics cannot surely tell you how small or big your pup is going to be in its adulthood, these can make you informed enough to make a good enough estimate. You can at least be able to know whether your dog is going to grow small, medium or big.

Why It Is Important to Determine Dog Size Beforehand?

Bringing a dog to your home means it is going to be your responsibility. You need to determine whether it will be according to your needs and estimations, as your costs will shoot up otherwise. You cannot feed the meal of a Chihuahua to a Labrador. Owning a ‘big’ dog can be expensive.

Size also matters because your cute pet might grow up to be unmanageable. If its starts to scare you, it will have successfully established its ‘alpha dog’ status in your home and start bossing around, including on you. Your favorite Golden Retriever can be a cute companion as a pup, but can make your existence hellish when it grows up.

Being prepared beforehand will also let you make changes to your home, such as putting up special hangout spaces or fences, slowly but surely. You will not be compelled to make big changes in your home or lifestyle very shortly. You can get enough time for the preparations.

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