Why do Dogs Poops a Lot Sometimes?

Just like humans, dogs poop too. It’s a part of the digestive process.  It is nature’s way of getting rid of toxins and waste from the body. Having regular bowel movements is an indicator of good overall health. But how do you know whether your dog is producing regular amount of feces or excessive amounts? It is quite normal for a dog to poop anywhere between 1 and 5 times a day. However, the amount of poop your dog may eliminate on a single day depends on various factors. This article examines these several factors as well as what you should do if your dog poops a lot.

What Causes Your Dog to Poop Excessively?

As already mentioned, it’s normal for your dog to poop anywhere between one and five times per day. This frequency depends on a number of factors, such as the dog’s age, his  diet and his health. When compared to older dogs, puppies will poop much more frequently. If you find your dog pooping more than five times a day, then it indicates that there’s something wrong. While most of the time the reasons are harmless, there may be times when you need to be concerned.

One of the reasons why your dog is pooping frequently could be a change in his diet. The digestive system of a dog can be very sensitive to food.  So when a new formula enters the system, his body may find it difficult to adjust to some of the new ingredients, as a result of which the system reacts by eliminating it like other waste. Once his body adjusts to the new food, you can expect the pooping frequency to slow down.

Change of environment like moving to a new house or  renovating your existing home, may sometimes trigger the need for your dog to defecate excessively. Even the introduction of certain smells or sounds can sometimes trigger this response. These changes brings about a change in your dog’s routine and appetite, thus altering his bowel habits.

The above mentioned factors are all harmless ones. However, there are times when excessive pooping could indicate a number of common medical issues such as irritable bowel syndrome or colitis and much more serious problems ranging from internal parasites to cancer and diseases affecting the liver or kidney.

What To Do if Your Dog Poops Excessively

If your dog is pooping a lot, the first thing to do is to check where he is defecating. A well trained dog will normally poop in the areas where he is trained to go. But, if you notice the extra poop in areas other than his usual spots, then there could be a problem. You should also examine the excessive poop to see if it is loose and watery. If so, then your dog has diarrhea. This is not a serious condition and steps can be taken to correct the issue. Change to a blander diet and make sure that your dog is not eating what he is not supposed to eat. These steps ought to firm up the poop in two to three days.

If your dog’s poop doesn’t firm up, or you notice mucus or blood in his stool, then you should make a visit to your dog’s veterinarian as soon as possible. Your vet can diagnose the issue and suggest the appropriate treatment for your dog.

Factors like diet, age, size and breed and health of the canine are all important factors that influence its defecation pattern. Make sure to feed your puppy with good quality food and  potty train him from the very beginning. Having to clean up the extra poop many times a day can be a hassle. Try to understand your dog’s situation, be patient and take care not to  lash out at him. After all he’s your loyal companion and you love him very much.

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