How Much do Samoyeds Cost?

Gentle, friendly and loyal, the Samoyeds are excellent family dogs. Their most remarkable feature is the gorgeous, thick white coat. One of the oldest dog breeds, the Samoyeds always wear a  happy expression on their face, which is affectionately referred to as the “Sammy smile.” They are happy and playful dogs that can brighten up your day. If you are planning to buy this friendly pooch, you must be thinking that he comes with a huge price tag. Read on to know more about this lovely breed and also how much it costs.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Samoyed?

Samoyeds are big old friendly dogs with a gentle and sweet nature. They have a happy looking face, which has earned them the  nickname “Smiling Sammy.” They are affectionate family dogs that are good with children and other dogs. They generally have a calm temperament, but when bored or under-exercised or left alone for a long time, they can be quite destructive. So you need to keep your Samoyed busy and active. It can be difficult to train the Samoyeds, but they are generally well behaved dogs that make a perfect choice for fist time dog owners.

How Much Does a Samoyed Cost?

While the average cost of a Samoyed puppy falls in the range $675 – $1,300, in some parts of the country it can range between $600 and $1,500. The price is determined by many factors such as registration, age of the dog, it’s health etc. A puppy that is properly AKC registered will be expensive whereas a dog without registration will cost you less. You can save a lot of money by buying an older dog. Purebred samoyeds that are over two years old typically cost between $200 and $400. In essence, older the dog, lesser will be the price.

What About the Long Term Costs?

The price range mentioned above covers only the cost of purchasing the puppy. You need to consider several other costs before the actual purchase. Buying a Samoyed pup from a non-local breeder will require the payment of additional shipping or transportation costs. In such cases, you may also have to purchase pet insurance along with the dog. However, if you decide to pick up the dog yourself, you must consider the cost needed to get your dog and return home.

Once you get your dog, vet check up and  vaccinations are mandatory to make sure that your dog stays healthy.  This will also generate an extra cost. So when you buy a dog, you need to consider the long-term cost that will be required for the rest of his life. Other factors like dog food and toys can also add up to produce a heavy price tag.

Several factors need to be carefully considered, when buying a breed like the Samoyed. In addition to the price tag, other factors such as maintenance and environment should also be taken into account while taking a decision on purchasing this purebred pup. If, after considering all these factors, you still think that the Samoyed is a perfect breed for you, then by all means go for it.

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