How to buy a Yorkshire terrier?

Among the toy breeds, one of the most popular dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. They are graceful and fun loving animals that would spend hours sitting on your lap. But even for a breed as lovable and active as Yorkshire, there needs to be a perfect home and space. Learn more about how to buy this breed.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never meet a breeder who would not like you to see the dog indoors. If they want you to meet the dog in a park or somewhere else- consider it a green signal.
  • A reputable breeder would never give away Yorkie before it is older than 12 weeks. A puppy who is deprived of the company of the mother before 12 weeks is always going to get sick and will never heal from the anxiety of separation.
  • Avoid buying from a breeder who is telling you that it is a toy Yorkie. A Yorkshire is a Yorkshire, no matter what their size is. A dog that is smaller than its height at a specific age is probably having health problems.
  • Never buy a Yorkshire that has genes of two breeds.
  • Visit the puppy with the mother is possible.
  • Always see the card of the puppies to ensure they are vaccine.

Questions that you should ask

  • Can I see the mother of the puppy?
  • For how many years have you been breeding Yorkshires?
  • Is there any health guarantee that you provide?
  • Where have you been keeping the dog during the maternity period?
  • Is it an original breed?
  • How many times a year do you breed your dogs?
  • Do you require that the puppy should be neutered or sprayed? Do you have limited registration or full registration?
  • How many times do you breed the females?

Other important things

Always check the weight of the Yorkshire terrier you are interested in. It would tell you a lot about the health condition of your dog. Breeders often charge more for the healthy births, if you are being charged suspiciously less than be sure of getting your puppy checked before you pay for him.

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