How to take care of a Pomeranian

Pomeranian are like little angles that would light up your mood every morning and would be your perfect cuddle partner at night. They are friendly beings who like to stay indoors. They also make an excellent alarm when strangers walk in and dare enter their domains. They give love and want to be loved. But with a tiny dog comes the responsibility of their health and grooming.

Food requirements:

This tiny creature has unusually fast metabolism, probably because of its high energy level, and hence it is important to keep them full. From when they are 6 months old, you must allow them to have three to four meals a day for the rest of their life. The weight of this dog falls somewhere between 4 to 7 pounds. This is the ideal weight, if you feel like they are becoming overweight, immediately take them to the doctor to prevent bone damage.

Bathing and brushing

Brush the hair of your Pomeranian regularly, and give them a bubble bath once a month. Minimize tangles while you blow dry their fur. If you do not take care of their fur, they will become a hard mat and their fur would start losing its smoothness.

Buy a small tooth brush for them and brush their teeth with it. They can start losing their teeth when they become adults, therefore taking care of their dental health is important.

Play with them

They are tiny but full of energy. They do not like to sleep all the time but play around the house. Bring them lots of toys to keep them busy- if you do not have time to play with them. Teach them tricks like fetching, jumping, cuddling and tracking objects with smell.


They do not like to be caged. As you can easily train them, provide them a safe and cozy place to sleep and rest when you are not around. A small corner with a dog crate would work for them. Never put the dog as a punishment in their house, as they would not like to go inside it.


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