Know More about Pomeranian before Bringing It to Your Family

Pomeranians make good pet for your family, but you need to create proper atmosphere for it so that it can live happily at your house. Having a dog is not lesser responsibility than raising your baby. You have to take every care of it to keep it fit and healthy.

Usually, Pomeranians are one of the most sturdy toy dog breeds you can have as your pet. They are lively and energetic and always ready to learn new tricks. You just need it to groom to live at apartment as they are kind of independent nature and don’t prefer too much enclosed surrounding.

But, training your ‘Pom’ won’t be difficult as they are quite docile and very affectionate. If you train properly, they can be obedient to their owner. They can be socialized with other pets if they are trained at very young age. But, sometimes they get overprotective for their owners and snap at strangers, so, try to socialize it when it is a pup. There are certain more things that you need to take care of when you have a Pomeranian at house-

They Need Daily Exercises

You have to take them for walking, running around or play with them at least half an hour a day. If you don’t have much time to take it to the park, involve it to several indoor works, like fetching, search and found objects and other games where they can run along. This will work as energy booster to them.

Proper Grooming Is Necessary

Pomeranians shed a lot. Therefore, they need proper grooming. Brush their coat regularly. Actually, Pomeranians have double-coated body. The surface fur is shed regularly and you should be careful about it. The undercoat is shed twice a year only. Having a Pomeranian means you need to take good care of their eyes. Their large eyes are always tear-staining and leaking. So, you need to whip it daily. You should also clean their ears as they are quite prone to ear infection.

Health Issues

Pomeranians are quite sturdy dog though there are certain health issues that disturb them. Due to color variations, Pomeranians suffer from certain health problems. Sliding knee-cap or Luxeting Patellas is one of the most common physical issues in Pomeranians. Other than that they can suffer from hyper pigmentation, alopecia, tracheal collapse, etc.

Try to buy your Pomeranian puppy from reputed breeders so that it won’t have any genetic disorder and you don’t need to be trapped in mess.

Things You Must Know before Choosing Maltese Dog Breed

Before bringing a cute little pup of Maltese, you need to know certain things about this specific dog breed. Certain knowledge on it will help you to take better care of your dog. While buying it from breeders, you should ask questions about habits, food habits and other information of the dog. But, there are certain unscrupulous breeders who try to misguide you if you go without much knowledge. So, here we are to talk about the special toy dog breed, Maltese.


Maltese can be the best companion of yours and your older kids. They are quite intelligent and great follower of their owners. Usually, an adult Maltese is only 8 to 10 inches long and it weighs around 6 to 9 pounds. The pure white Maltese are really bliss to your eyes, but you can also get ivory, cream and brown Maltese. They are covered with one large coat and they are hypoallergenic. Maltese are famous in several names, like the ‘Maltese Lion Dog’, the ‘Roman Ladies Dog’ and the ‘Ancient Dog of Malta’. As it is said, Maltese are great companion dog, but often gets snappy if irritated by small children.

Brief History

Maltese is not a recent breed. It has long and rich history. A Greek amphora from 500BC has shown a dog that almost looks like Maltese. This is referred as ‘Melitale’. Have you noticed the similarity in the name? Usually, Maltese has come from a specific breed of Spitz of Switzerland. It was probably careful breeding that has shortened the size of Maltese. Romans adored this dog a lot and even they were mentioned in the Greek and Roman literature. The breeders continued experiment with the size and it was in 1972 when breeders came up with the smallest Maltese breed that was of a size of a squirrel. Those breed didn’t last long, but the breeding between spaniels and small poodles revived the breed.


They are very energetic and playful. Having a Maltese at home means you will be entertained always. They become very loyal companion and get attached to their owner easily. They are very intelligent and always eager to learn new moves; Maltese are real attention seeker and you can’t help but noticing them while they do weird and funny things.

Maltese are real cute dog and good for your house. But, they are quite noisy dog as they bark a lot. Be ready to get complains from your neighbors!

Grooming Your Pomeranian Puppy

If you are looking for the cutest toy breed of dogs, Pomeranians can be the best choice. They belong to the Spitz group and they are in close relation with Samoyed and Chow Chow. While usual Pomeranians are only eight to eleven inches tall, the teacup version is much smaller and cuter. Don’t go to its size as Pomeranians can be very good watchdogs. They are one of the loud barking dogs and a continuous calling bell at your house.

Training Pomeranian Pups

Before starting to train a Pomeranian puppy, it is very important to know the characteristics of this dog breed. Know the specific health issues, characteristics and grooming needs of your Pomeranian and then start its training. Basically, training Pomeranian is not difficult as they are highly intelligent and trainable. You must have seen Pomeranian puppies bark without any reason and go underfoot. These are the first traits that you need to train and change these things.

Grooming Your Pomeranian

  • Grooming your Pomeranian depends on the need of your dog. Pomeranian has thick fur with double coat. The undercoat is soft while the outer coat is larger and smooth. To keep the fur of your Pomeranian healthy and soft, you need to brush it daily so that it doesn’t get tangled.
  • Pomeranians also suffer from dental and gum issues, so you need to brush your dog’s teeth. You should be very careful while children are around your Pomeranian. They often get disturbed while they pull their tail or ears. Finally, they snap.
  • Also, you should be extra careful while children are handling Pomeranians. They are so small that they can be severely injured if dropped or slipped even from small height.

Taking Care of Pomeranian Puppy

While buying Pomeranian from breeders, you should have long talk with them. Breeders are well aware about each puppy and they can give you the best ideas about their habits. They can also give you caring tips which you need to follow. From socializing to training- you should have clear idea to handle you ‘furball’.

Pomeranians have certain needs and they are quite different from other breeds. Buyers should make proper research, not only on the dog, but also on the breeders from whom you are going to buy it. There are several unscrupulous breeders who don’t know at all about the breed and provide dog with diseases and all. Be aware of that as you don’t want any fussy business.

Some Essentials on the Feeding Process to German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known as one of the most loyal, obedient and self-assured dogs human can ever have. It is their courageous nature, high intelligence and obedience that include them into services like police, military, night-guard, bomb rescue, search and found, drug identification and many more. If you bring a German shepherd at house, you can be assured that you have brought a friend and guard that will protect you at the cost of its life. While they can do so many things for human, you should take the best care of it. The best care starts by taking good care of their nutritional needs.

Can You Give Homemade Food to Your German shepherd

Though German Shepherds are sturdy and well-built dog, they often suffer from allergies that hail more skin problems to them. Preparing dog food at home by following the recipes on internet or books with simple ingredients can be the better choice than to feed dog foods, available at market. Homemade foods are rich in nutritional value and can lessen much of their allergic problems.

Another advantage of feeding your German shepherd the homemade food is that those are comparatively cheaper than the pricey dog foods. Maintaining a dog is not easy economically. Why to waste much when you can provide the same nutrition at home that is available at premium dog foods? Your dog will also like to have it.

What to Feed Your German shepherd

The entire food system for German shepherd must include five basic essentials. There must be:

  • Fat.
  • Protein.
  • Vegetables.
  • Starch.
  • Seasoning.

While preparing dog food for your German shepherd, you need to maintain well balance of these ingredients into the recipe and prepare a dish that your dog loves to have. While feeding German shepherd, you should know which materials contain these elements to the most. Have a look:

  • Try to keep lean meat and eggs in dog’s diet for protein supplement.
  • For starch, let it have oatmeal, steamed rice, baked potatoes, bredcrumbs and boiled noodles.
  • You can feed celery, tomatoes, peas or carrots to your German shepherd.

While feeding German shepherd, you should be consistent with the recipe. Any sudden change can upset their stomach. If you want to bring change in the menu, bring the change slowly by giving the new product everyday at moderation. Thus, they can get accustomed to it and won’t fall ill all of a sudden.

Training Tips of Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is one of the most ancient dog breeds that are still present in this world. This is basically a Chinese breed and also bred by the Tibetan monks at the monasteries. To the monks, this dog breed was famous as ‘little lion’ with all its fluffy and furry body. This was actually the dog breed that accompanied the Chinese Royalty. Many centuries have gone by, but these little lions have remained royal in their look and temperament. Having a Shih Tzu at home is also a status symbol to the owners. Training your Shih Tzu won’t be a messy task if you start it early.

Why Training Shih Tzu is Different

Actually, the training process of each dog is different from the other and the trainer or the owner must have ideas about that. The process you are using for your German shepherd won’t be applicable to your Shih Tzu, right? Basically, Shih Tzu is quite trouble-free dog and they can become very good companions for your kids and other dogs. They have also a trait to please their owners. Besides these, they are highly trainable, intelligent and have superior energy level. They are quite obedient dog and known for their agility.

Still, you should start training your Shih Tzu puppy early so that it grows up into a well-behaved dog. Along with training it, you should play with the puppy and check its ears and mouths so that it gets used to your handling as it grows older.

Socialize your dog with your other pets and family members of yours faster so that they can stay happily, surrounded by people and other animals. This will help them to get accustomed with common sights, sounds, voices, etc. around it. While commanding your Shih Tzu, you should use simple and single words so that they can recognize the tone. Remember, the tone you are using for ‘sit’ must be different when you are commanding ‘fetch’. As they go with the tone, it becomes easier for them to follow and obey it.

House and Crate Training Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu don’t like getting wet, so potty training is very difficult. They don’t like to go to toilet. If you want to paper train them, then place the paper on a fixed place always and train it to go there. As Shih Tzu is a very small breed, they don’t have the capacity to hold their bladder for longer; so accidents can happen. Punishment is the not the way to make them learn; they will fear you instead of obeying. Always take it outside after playing and having meal. Look for symptoms like sniffing ground or moving in circles.

How to Train Your Maltese Puppy

If you are fond of small dog breed, Maltese can be a good choice. The name of this dog breed was derived from the city of Malta where it was first seen almost 28 centuries ago. Initially, it was regarded the possession of royalties. Soon, it wins heart and people go crazy over having a Maltese at home. This is the high demand of this dog breed that it has been sold at $2000, even in the 16th century. But, having a Maltese means you need to give much time to train it.

An untrained Maltese is only annoying and you definitely don’t want any foul play around you. Therefore, as soon as you bring Maltese puppy at home, you should start training it at that very moment. Training a Maltese is not difficult as they are quite intelligent and they are also very prompt adopter of instructions. You just need to be very consistent with your training instructions so that the dog never gets confused with the commands.

Why Maltese Dogs Are So Special?

Whenever you bring any dog breed to home, you need to be quite aware about it. Read about the particular dog breed and also ask questions to the breeder about it. While you are doing homework on Maltese, you will know that training Maltese is quite different than other dog breeds. Actually, they are quite calm and lazy and always try to avoid exercising.

Another essential feature of this dog breed is that they love companions and don’t prefer to live alone for much time. While training this dog, you should remember this point of companionship as Maltese love to be surrounded by people and other pets. Ignoring this issue only grow anxiety in your Maltese.

Along with all these aspects, you should always be easygoing with your Maltese. It is true that Maltese is quite cheerful, but sometimes it gets stubborn when you take it for walking or exercising.

Basic Issues with Maltese Training

Training a Maltese is different. While you are training Maltese puppy, make sure it also gets comfort of its mother until it reaches to the age of eight weeks. You can only be a good owner if you take care of your Maltese puppy and look over all its benefits. While training Maltese puppy, you should be always on its side and help to socialize it with people around it.

Train Your Pug in Simple Ways

Bringing a dog at home is really a big responsibility. Your duty doesn’t end only by bringing it at home; you need to train it to suit at your family. If you are bringing pug at home, you should be ready with messy training sessions. Actually, pugs are born stubborn and you have to put constant effort in training them. How to turn a stubborn, wild pug into a well-behaved pet is definitely up to your training abilities and time you give it to your pet. Here we will suggest you some general ways to train your pug.

Why to Train Your Pug?

Obviously, you want to be appreciated to have a well-behaved dog instead of a barking and snapping one. As soon as you bring the pug puppy, you should start training it immediately. If it is not rectified for any acceptable behavior from the beginning, the bad habits will stick to it and that will not be easy to remove. Don’t worry. Yes, pugs are stubborn, but they are intelligent too. If you bring it within your grip, it won’t take much time to train it. Training from early childhood will make it easy for the pup to maintain the instructions without getting confused.

How to Train Your Pug

  • Start with simple commands that it can easily understands the tone. Once it get used to with ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘go’, ‘come’, ‘fetch’ etc. take it to the more advance level.
  • Make it understand that you are in charge always. It is very important for the pug to know who the alpha is within very short time.
  • Your body language and tone must be in the way that it can understand you are the authority. Once your pug realizes this, training will be much easier.
  • You must be patient while training your pug as your snapping or out of control nature will make them more vulnerable.
  • You have to be consistent while training your pug. If you want it to stop from getting on your bed, you should always stick to that rule. Never allow your pug, not even occasionally to get on the bed. Changing your rules and commands can make them ignorant to all your commands.
  • Appraise your pug with voice as they are very attentive to the tone of the owner. Try not to give food reinforcements as pugs are tend to be overweight.

So, you get basic rules to train your pug. Be patient and try to train your pug in the most possible way to make it one of the adorable family members.

Shih Tzu – The Cutest Puppy for Your House

Have you seen this dog? You can’t resist yourself to fall in love with it as soon as you see you. Shih Tzu belongs to China and initially it was regarded as the royal dog of the Chinese Royalty. Still, it is carrying that royal nature. They can be the best friend of your kids as well as yours. Let’s see how Shih Tzu becomes the best companion of yours.

They Are made for Companionship

With a Shih Tzu around, you won’t feel alone. For older people, Shih Tzu can be one of the best companions when other members live away. They are bred as lapdog, so, children can also take care of them.

They Are Very Loyal Pets

Do you prefer quite dogs so that you won’t get any complains? Your loving and warm Shih Tzu can be very loyal and they like to snuggle where they find love. Having a Shih Tzu at lap and watching TV can be awesome.

They Can Make You Laugh

They are so cute and adorable that their activities will definitely bring smile on your face. They will make you laugh just by looking weirdly with its big eyes. Are you in bad mood today? Watch what your Shih Tzu doing today!

They Will Play with You

Don’t go at their small size. Shih Tzu is over enthusiastic and they like to chase and run. You need to increase the height of fencing around the house as this dog like to chase other living animals, like squirrels, butterflies, low-flying birds, etc. They love to play fetch the ball or looking for objects.

They Are Quick Learner

You will not face any fuss while training and grooming your Shih Tzu. They learn simple commands easily and follow you always. They can quickly adopt the new ambience and get along with your family members. Even, you can have any other pets while having a Shih Tzu as they are also friendly with them.

No High Maintenance Is Required

It is true that Shih Tzu is one of the pricey dog breeds. But, the after expense is not that much high. You don’t need to spend a lot for maintaining it. Also, they don’t need much physical activities. 10 minute walk each day is enough.

What are you waiting for? Bring a Shih Tzu puppy at home and make your living wonderful.

German Shepherd – The Athletic Breed

Among the watching and guarding dog breeds, German shepherd will always take top place. Initially, this large-sized dog was bred in Germany in 1899 for guarding sheep herds. It is their intelligence, sharpness, strength, physicality and abilities that today, German Shepherds are used at services like police, military, detective agencies and so on. Here, you will get detail of this dog breed.


German Shepherds belong to the large dog breed as they are 55 to 65 cm long and weigh around 30 to 40 kg for males. In case of female, the weight is around 22-32 kilo. The medium sized, brown eyes will determine its intensity and courage while the erected ears show its alertness. Their neck is long which is raised when they get excited. The bushy tail gives a furry look to this athletic dog.

German shepherds can be of several colors, but the most common variation is of red-black or brownish black. The rare color variations include all-black, sable, blue varieties and even all-white German Shepherds.

They come with double coats. They shed the outer coat almost all year long, but the undercoat is thick and stable. There are two gene-varieties that produce long-haired dog and medium-haired dog. The long-hair variety is rare and it needs regular grooming.


You won’t want to mess up with German Shepherds. They are highly active and self-assured dogs. They are very obedient to their owners and they are bred in a way to listen to their owner. But, they are over-protective to their family and house. So, you need to train and groom your German shepherd puppy to get socialize. They don’t like strangers and intruders and don’t get along with them very fast.


They are famous for their intelligence. Their high intelligence and obedience has made them one of the most active dogs in services like military, guards, police, etc. They have been proved to be the best search and rescue dogs. They are very quick learner and their memory is quite sharp.


They are sturdy breed, so they don’t have severe health issues. And their metabolism is so high that they quickly recover from any small issues. Still, there are certain health issues that disturbs German Shepherds-

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Ear infections.
  • Bloating.
  • Degenerative myelopathy.

If you are planning to bring one at home, you should bring a puppy as grooming it will be easier than an older dog.

Buy a Pug But Only after Reading This

Before going to any pet center for buying or adopting pug, you should know certain things. Obviously, you will need a healthy puppy without any previous illness. But, how will you know that the pug you are choosing is healthy? See, it is quite common that your pug will fall ill and with little treatments it will recover. But, dealing with an unscrupulous dealer may cause you more effort and cost in future. Avoid getting into certain situations by following these tips.

Buy Pugs from Reputable Pug Breeder

The best way to have fit and healthy pug, contact with reputable pug breeder. They have clear ideas about the breed and can also make you aware about every detail of each particular dog. If you buy from reputable breeders, they will ensure that the pug puppy is in healthy condition, free from any genetic diseases.

Such breeders never breed any dogs that have hereditary diseases and therefore, you get dogs with free from anything critical. Talk well with the breeder and know how to take care of your pug. Never forget to follow his recommendation and if you still find any difficulties with the dog, some breeders can guarantee return.

Take Pug from Rescue Centers

If you have low budget and still want a dog, you can consult rescue centers. Yes, here you need to compromise certain things as getting pug from reputable breeders is completely free from headache. Still, you can do certain things. You should query where the dog is rescued from and why it was abandoned. You should know the reasons why the pug has been abandoned. Usually, the common reasons are:

  • Allergies from the dog.
  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • Unplanned birth.
  • No specific owners.
  • Problematic behavior of the pug.

Usually, the rescue centers are responsible enough to vaccinate and neuter the pug. And they also let you know if there is any problem with the dog.

Take It from Home Breeders

This happens much time. Your kid gets the small puppy from the neighbor and you can’t say h/her no while it brings the puppy at home. Still, you can be cautious. As the home breeders are well aware about the genetics and other details, you can ask about it to them.

Apart from these places, you can also buy pug from the pet shop. Usually, puppies at the pet shop come from home breeders or puppy mills. You should be extra careful while buying puppy that has come from puppy mill as those are only bred for profit.