How Much Does a Dog X-ray Cost?

Invented by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895, X-rays are very helpful tools for veterinarians to quickly diagnose many health problems that they can’t see by merely looking at an animal. Since dogs can’t tell their owners what’s wrong with them, tools like this come in really handy. If dealing with a sick pup is not hard enough, the vet bill that comes afterward can sometimes drain your pocket. The cost of a dog X ray varies depending on the breed of dog you have, the kind of X Ray needed, and the other services associated with it. However, there are ways to reduce the vet bill when your dog gets sick.

So How Much Does Dog X-Rays Cost?

The cost of dog x-rays can range anywhere from $80 to $400. Several factors influence  the price such as sedation charges for your pup, location of the x-ray, number of x-rays etc. A hip x-ray can cost you up to $150. The place where you get your dog’s x-ray is also another decisive factors. An x-ray taken in an emergency animal clinic will cost you double the amount when compared to the same procedure done at a local vet’s office. Your location also plays a role in the price, as you can get lower x-ray rates in more cost-effective cities. If sedation or anesthesia is required, the size of the dog affects the X-ray cost. For a large dog, the price of sedation would be in the range $50 – $200, whereas for a small dog it would be in the range $40 – $180.

Dog X-rays vs Human X-rays

X-rays for dogs and humans are almost the same but there are a few differences between the way the technology is applied. Dogs have a thicker skin compared to humans and so in order to get a more accurate reading, vets use a higher setting to properly penetrate the dog. There are also some changes in the way the results are interpreted. Unlike a doctor, a vet has to deal with issues pertaining to a wide range of animals. So they may be a bit more deliberate when it comes to reading the X-rays.

Appointments vs Emergencies

If your dog is sick and it isn’t an urgent matter, you can make an appointment with your regular vet and save the emergency fee on your bill. However, if it is an emergency situation, take your dog in, irrespective of the fee. Taking extra care in an emergency is critical because it takes only a few hours for matters to go from bad to worse. If your regular vet is not available during the time of your emergency, take your dog to an animal hospital, which deal with emergencies quite often and are open 24 hours.

Pet Insurance

Purchasing an insurance plan suitable for your dog will help you save a lot of money.  Depending on what you want to be covered, most insurances will cost you around $35-$50 a month. For a senior dog, you might want to look at a plan that covers blood works, x-rays and cancer treatments whereas for a pup, you need a less detailed insurance plan. Discuss with your vet regarding which plan fits best for you and your dog.

Veterinary bills can empty your pocket within seconds. But that shouldn’t stop you from providing the best medical care to your dog. Just the thought that your fur baby is in expert hands can help soothe our stress and anxiety. Knowing that your fur baby is being taken care of by expert vets will help soothe your stress and anxiety. The health and well-being of your dog is definitely worth more than any price tag. However, sometimes the vet bill can be too much for dog owners to handle and in such cases, purchasing the right insurance plan for the dog can help save money.

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