Tips to Take Care of your Pugs

Yes! The process of taking care our cute pugs are very much challenging. Their expressive face and impressive eyes can allow us to give what they actually needed. However, they are in small size, but they need a special care.  Are you a pug owner? Or are you ready to take the responsibilities which come with owing a pug?  Then it is essential to know How to take care of your pugs and How to always keep them in tip-top shape? For that, the following tips are recommended for all the pug owners. Let’s see it one by one.


The furs of the pugs have craved to be clean because they discard lots of hair. Hence, once in a week just brush their soft hairs before it discards on your floor, sofa or in a bed.


Pug puppies are easily getting the ear infection because they have narrow ear canals. Well, use a cotton ball or a soft tissue to wipe their ears and keep them dry and clean. If the pug would shake its head or rubs their ears, then you need to show extra attention because it may be a symptom of ear infection. After consulting your vets, use ear drops habitually.


Don’t forget to clean the teeth regularly. One thing you have to keep in minds that don’t do it between long gaps because pugs may not accept the change. Just offer teeth cleaning chews to avoid bad breathing and bad gums of pugs.


Due to our pugs are small and heavy weights, daily exercise like running, playing, walking is necessary to them since it avoids many health problems. Yet, they need only a proper training and not take them out on a hot day.

Train them to keep your house clean

This is an essential task that you will have to take care of it. Keeping your house clean should always be top of your mind. Just train them to pee out of your living area or place.

Reverse Sneezing

We all know that the dogs with short nose may always start gasping once they get too excited. While it happens, generally our pugs have looked like unpleasant or they suffer from severe pain in nose. Covering your pug nose, thus they breathe through their mouth which can help them while the problem occurs.

Take your pug on some special trips

Actually, pugs love cars and you love to be with pugs then why can’t take them for a long ride. Just imagine that the joy on your pugs face that when they get out of your car and sees something beautiful apart from the vet’s office. It is very much good for their psyche and possibly you too. Hence, come on; take your pug for a long ride.

Extra things you have to keep in mind

  • Cleaning wrinkles.
  • Avoid overheating.
  • Keep your pug mentally strong.
  • Regular checkups.
  • Provide high quality food.

Indispensable Traits to Take Care of Your Cute Pugs

Why is the Pug, so popular? Well, it may be for their cute looks or for their unmistakable charm? Ask anyone who knows the pugs very well, they will surely tell you that there are no other dogs that are so cute, when compared to the Pugs.

The Pugs are naturally different; they own all the qualities of big dogs, in a small body. Further, their flat baby faces, short legs, barrel chest and large brown eyes have considerably won millions of hearts, all around the world, over a period of time. Apart from the endearing personality, they can personally bond with the humans.

They usually know how to love unconditionally; they used imitate the ones in their families; they love to watch sports with us; they are great bed-warmers; and finally, nothing can make the Pug happier than being the life of the party.

Though they are so cute, they aren’t just the teddy bears, spilled all around a kid’s bed room. They are our living friend; Pugs needs lots of care and attention. Hence, explore the following guidelines to know, how to take care of your Pugs, regarding their activity levels, breathing and over-exertion.

Diet – The foremost thing to be sure of

The Pugs are one of the largest toy dog breeds and, they can put on excess weight easily. Generally, Pugs have a strong appetite; hence you need not worry to give high-quality snacks and meals. Yet, think twice, before giving it to them, because sometimes it may lead to overweight.

Check, if they drinking enough water or not. It is very much essential to keep them properly hydrated, particularly in the summer. Even 5% of depletion, can reduce the Pugs’ focus and energy. On the other hand, the leaving the left-overs in the bowl can change it into a tight cake. And obviously, it can lead to rot and bacteria build-up. Hence, clean your Pug’s water and food bowls, daily without fail.

Grooming – Even your Pug loves it

Do you know that if your Pugs are not properly groomed, then lots of unpleasant things would happen, such as yeast infection, skin fold dermatitis, etc.? Apart from that, they could get dry skin and bad odour.

It is important to bath them once in 3 weeks; even if they do not look dirty. Further, their coat must be brushed-up two or three times a week. Show a special attention on their facial areas and clean them properly. Well, using a canine wipe on their wrinkles is a nice idea.

Appearance of any red irritated sign, rashes or a bad odour in your Pugs, must be taken to your personal vet. Suppose, if they suffer from yeast infection, don’t worry, because that can be cured by home itself with the help of anti-bacterial fungal shampoo.  Finally, have the habit of cleaning the parts around their eyes with a canine eye ripe.

Safety – The most important

Trauma is one of the leading death causes, in all puppies. We can prevent our Pugs from severe injury and death by exercising a bit of caution. Never allow your Pug to be off-leash, because off-leash dogs can cause serious harm to other dogs and people.

If a Pug is tightly forced or pressured by the collar around their cute neck, then it can lead to collapsed trachea (a common cause of airway obstructions in dogs). Well, instead of a collar, a harness is recommended to use.

Always go with a proper bedding to solve knee and hip problems. To make them comfortable sleep, offer a high-quality orthopedic bed to them. Further, it helps to breathe well throughout a night. Even, improve pressure on the joints.