4 Surprising ways your Dog says “I Love You”

Dogs often tend to bark at vacuum cleaner and when it rains outside, he/she often hides themselves in a room corner. On watching these activities of dogs, everyone might get surprised, why certain activities of dogs are like that. It is due to the fact that, the dog’s communication science encounters a great development process in order to indicate his/her feelings or activities.

According to certain studies, dogs have certain unique physical sense. They can able to adapt to any situations and surprisingly, their sense is very similar to that of human beings. Scientists have discovered that human beings and dogs are interconnected to each other. In that case, dogs could express their love with unique nature.

4 surprising and secret ways your dog says “I Love You”

Ultimately, if a dog could provide a bouquet of flowers to express his love and affection on you, then it’s certainly would be a great surprise. Instead, a dog could handover a ball while you play with him is a way to show his/her affection. If a dog expresses some strange behaviour and some signs peculiarly in a passionate way, then it is believed that the dog is trying to say ”I love you”.

  • Specific facial expressions.
  • Leaning on you.
  • He goes crazy, when you come Home.
  • He/she yawns at you.

Specific facial expressions

Among other pet creatures like cat, the dogs tend to express his emotions by facial expressions. Ultimately, many consider that the dogs’ expression of love is all about only with tail wagging. For Example: a recent study reveals that, when a dog meets their owner or a stranger or a toy etc., then the dog’s first reaction is observed through their facial expressions. Patently, a dog lifts its left eye brows immediately on seeing his owner. Similarly, when looking at some strangers, the dogs are left with less facial expression and only their right eye brows are raised little. According to this study, dogs are likely to be reserved while seeing unknown stranger, rather than meeting their lovable persons.

Leaning on you

In common world, children tends to lean on their parents for affection and love. Similarly, dogs also lean on their owners for expressing their love and they mostly crave for some sought of security. Moreover, dogs will do something very peculiar and cute enough at those times. Generally, leaning is an ultimate symbol of expressing their affection to their owners. In some situations, it leans on you due to nervousness and still requires more security in terms of unknown danger that could be caused to them.

He goes crazy, when you come Home

In general, many might have noticed that, while they enter their home after a huge gap, their pet dogs would give them a deep warm welcome than anyone in their family. Yes, the dogs are the ones, who truly have a deep association and true loyalty to their owners and so, they try to express their love and affection by tagging their tails and become crazier with joy. Ultimately, a dog jumps much higher, which is considered as the symbolic action of a dog to express its love and trust towards its owner. Moreover, some reports also suggests that a dog also do this, when someone walk very nearer to it.

He/ She Yawns along with you

According to recent research, it is revealed that, yawning indicates one’s feel of empathy .To express in another word; human beings are much empathetic and express their yawn to loving creature like dogs and cats. So, Dogs are most likely to yawn at their owners and in turn oppose at a stranger. Few owners of dogs tend to get disappointment, as sometimes their dogs don’t yawn due to certain reasons. Moreover, it takes time to catch you in terms of affection.


However, dogs are definitely ace and sound longingly in danger, which is the truest way to identify that a dog loves you or not. Moreover, when a dog hears its owner’s voice, it could be more empathetic and crave for affection with humour sense compared to other animals.

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