5 Essential Things You Need to Remember While Having a Pug


Those little cuties are really adorable, right? If you are planning for having a pet and if it is a dog, you can adopt a pug. They are small and come with certain unique characteristics. While having a pet, you should know some details of it, its food habit, its living style and all. Having a pug means a great responsibility. So, before getting one, you should know some essential things about pug.

1. They Suffer from Several Health Problems

puppy Pug

They may not have serious health issues, but they suffer from different of health problems with which you have to be familiar. The common health problems they face are:

  • Food allergies
  • Breathing trouble
  • Eye scratches
  • Eye and nose fold rashes
  • High reaction at vaccines

2. They Are Active Dogs

Pug jumping

Pugs don’t like to just lie down on couch. They are very active. So, you should give them regular walking and playing time. If you can’t give time, you should have someone who can take your pug for walking. They don’t like to be seated at house always.

3. They Don’t Make Fuss with Foods

Pug eating

Yes, this is one of the most important advantages of having a pug. They almost eat anything, so you can feed them rice, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. A protein-rich diet can be the best for pugs as it keeps them active always.

4. They Need Your Attention

Pug playing

You can call pug a family dog. If you stay alone and return home at late night, don’t go for a pug. They don’t want to be lonely. When it is around, it wants your complete attention. They want you to arise and play with them. They will follow you everywhere when you are at home. You can’t do anything but to love these little brats.

5. They Are Slow Learners

pug looking

You have to be patient with your pug. You can’t make them learn easily to go outside for potty and urine. Even, they are not dog of punishments. Have patience and train them every time. They will learn and also look for your approval. As they are foodie dog, you can treat something special to it.

Pugs are small, but they are smart. If you want to train them for scent detecting, tracking or working according to your instruction, you can do this. So, you get a small review before buying a pug. Have your pet and you will get a lifetime friendship.

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