5 Useful Natural Tips to help your dog get rid of fleas

Fleas in dogs are quite embarrassing and it is very irritating and will disturb its normal activity. There are lots of varieties of fleas and tick products are available in the market. Most of them are potentially harmful to dogs, because it emits hazardous vapours which is used for repelling the fleas is also very harmful to dogs. These repellents act as a silent killer and leads to various health problems.
So, here we have given some useful natural tips which help to get rid of fleas in dogs.

Flea Collar

This is a very effective collar for your pets, which keeps them away from fleas and adds extra beauty to them. All you need is lavender oil or cedar oil and 3 tablespoons of water. Dilute 2-3 drops of any of those essential oil with 3 tablespoons of water and mix well. Then apply it directly to a colourful bandana, and now, your natural flea repellent is ready. Then tie it around your pet’s neck to repel the irritating fleas. It would work great.

Flea Comb

It is an easy and an effective natural method, which keeps away fleas from your dogs. Take a few lemons and squeeze them into the boiled water and allow it to cool down. Then take your dogs brush or comb and dip it in the lemon water and gently run the brush along its hair coat. If your dog has sleek and thin hair coat, then go for a clean sponge, to rub the lemon water all over his body.

Flea Bag

Another wonderful remedy to get rid of your dog’s flea by preparing a natural flea elimination bag. Take a handful of cedar chips, some dried lavender buds and some lemon peels. Put everything in a breathable fabric along with some muslin cloth. Now your flea bag for your dog is ready. This remedy is quite enough to repel pests and fleas, moreover, it gives an amazing wonderful smell. Keep this bag near your pet or under its bedding.

Flea Spray

It is an easy technique, which gives amazing results. Meanwhile, the preparing procedure is very simple with easily available ingredients. Take a few drops of lavender oil, distilled vinegar and fresh water and mix all of them in a small sized spray bottle. Then spray the mixture all over your dog’s body, but remember to safeguard its eyes, nose and ears.

Rosemary Flea Dip

Another easy and natural, flea remedy is preparing a rosemary infusion. Take two cups of rosemary leaves and let it boil in water. Then strain out the infusion and spray like a mist on your dog’s body to get rid of fleas.


All the above flea repellent techniques are quite natural, hence that would be safe for your pets and even to the surroundings. Don’t go for synthetic chemicals for your pets, because it seems to be effective at first, but for a long period, it definitely causes more harm than good. It might cause various side effects like skin problems, respiratory problems and even carcinogenic to them. Therefore, give priority for natural ways in order to eliminate fleas and make him relaxed and safe.

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