7 Dog Breeds that Like Humans Better than Dogs

When it comes to a dog, its owner and his family members are very important to them. That’s why, dogs said to be “The Man Best Friend”, since it can do everything and anything for its owner that really meant to gain his whole attention and affection. Many dogs love the company of humans, rather than with dogs. Hence, we have provided some 7 dog breeds that simply love the company of humans.

German Shepherds

Obviously, we know that, German Shepherds are very brilliant, loyal and have a ferocious personality. That’s why, they are been always most wanted in police and military departments, for their detective activities.

In general, they love to play fetch games. Even though, they like to play with other canines, yet, they are very much enthusiastic and willing to play with humans, rather than any other dogs. Hence, this has proved to be more enough, that they are extremely friendly and loyal towards humans. They are absolutely man best friends and kids friendly.

Akita Inu

Though it is very large, powerful and dominant dog, they are mainly used as guard dogs and also for hunting purposes. Yet, they are exceptionally loyal and intimate to his owner and his family members. They are usually intolerant to other dogs, particularly those of the same gender. Thus, his affectionate and respectful manner, make him so close to man.



These are self-determined, gentle and intelligent dog, occasionally it can get along with other dogs. Even though, sometime it may show off its tempered and excited characteristic traits towards other dogs, but many people consider them as a wonderful pets, owing to its perfectly friendly and peaceful nature towards humans.

Great Danes

Great Danes are well known for its huge size, yet they would enjoy the companies of other puppies and loves to run and chase after them. Beyond that, it simply loves the company of humans, thus it will often sit next to you and most probably on your lap in an affectionate manner. Therefore, these devoted dogs has seems to the best friends to humans, just because of their friendly, gentle and loving nature, which are often seems to be keen on pleasing their owner.


Although they are courageous, robust and dignified personality by being aggressive towards other dogs; on the other hand, they are madly affectionate towards their families and his owner. Bulldogs are considered as the most friendly and pleasing dog when compared to other breeds.


What a lovely dog from a toy breed! They always stick close to their owners. They love to stay by the side of their owners and they expect for comfort from his owner with lots of cuddling and petting. They are ultimately playful and enjoys clever games with their owners. This lap dog always likes to stay on your lap for watching the actions of other dogs, rather than taking part in it.


This beautiful and charming dog would be extremely lovable, friendly and caring to their owners. This breed would enjoy the companionship with humans. Because of its exceptional loyalty, they exhibit tolerance and therefore this dog breeds would permit to take liberty from their owners.

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