All you need to know about Shih Tzu

The small size Shih Tzu is your ideal companion. A breed of Chinese royalty, this little sweetheart is considered the prince of dogs. It loves and wants to be loved. From ages, this prince of the lap of the Chinese royals, Shih Tzu has not even come close to a reduction in its status. It is rarely aggressive or arrogant. You may find him a little spoiled, but his size and mischievous habits would just steal your heart.

It is neither a guard nor a hunting dog. Throw him balls and he will bring it back for you- Shih Tzu is a pure play breed. Keeping this dog as the pet should only have one purpose: being loved and love back.


Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, Shih Tzu would be willing to be with you. It is not a demanding dog which makes its personality even more pleasing. If you are working, the dog would immediately sense it and would sit by your side in solidarity without bothering you. They are least bothered by what you are doing, as far as you are with them. If you want to play, they will play along. If you want to sleep, they will snooze off with you. This breed is the easiest to distract with toys.

Shih Tzu Grooming

Is it the long flowing gold and white locks of Shih Tzu that are attracting you? Well, the Chinese royals probably have had hired a team of people who would just brush their hair. Leave this dog one day without training and you will find them in a tangled mess. Because of the long coat, this dog needs less clipping as others.

Cleaning tools

A slight problem with their grooming is that their skin needs to stay clean and well-groomed, else they would catch skin diseases. The tools you need for their grooming includes a stainless steel brush, a wire pin brush with coarse teeth.

Because of their small size, it is essential to maintain their diet and prevent them from becoming overweight as it would cause multiple stomach disorders.

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