Best Places to Find Free Dogs

shiba inu

Want to bring home a cute and fluffy friend for the kids? Don’t have the money to pay for high breeder costs? If you know where to look, you can find free dogs. Finding free dogs is dependent upon knowing where to look. In this article I will tell you the best place to look for free dogs.

Local shelters, although they typically charge for adoption fees will at times defer this fee. Additionally, some shelters will offer financial assistance. I have experienced situations where the animal was going to be put down so the shelter just gave me the animal. With the increase in animals being left at shelters you may even be able to ask them to foster an animal.

Community boards are a great place to find free dogs. People give away animals to good homes for many reasons. Check community boards at your local grocery stores, libraries, and even town hall. Any community resource that offers posting space is bound to have something. You could even post your own ad stating that you are looking for a free dog or what have you. Who knows, you may save a dog from a trip to the local animal shelter. is a great virtual source for finding free dogs. As it is against the policies established by Craigslist, individuals are not allowed to charge for animals. The best categories to find free dogs are “free” and “pets”. However, if the dog is listed under the “pets” category they may charge an adoption fee. Breeders are also prohibited from posting the sales of animals on Craigslist.

MySpace classifieds is another virtual resource to help you find an animal. Many of the animals given away through MySpace are cats and kittens, but they have been known to offer free dogs.

With these resources in tow, you should have a good starting point towards finding a free dog. With the amount of animals that are being put into shelters increasing daily, finding a free dog shouldn’t be too difficult. Most owners would sooner give an animal away and know it would be safe and taken care of then dropping it off at a shelter. When individuals lose their homes from foreclosure, they often leave their pet aside to fend for itself. This is becoming more and more common an occurrence. This is why it is easier to find free dogs and cats these days. Check throughout your community, you could even ask local shelters if they have any advice. These are the best places to find free dogs. Good luck in your search for a free dog!

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