Blue heeler puppies facts

Blue Heeler puppies

Pets at home; go for the powerful Blue Heeler

Looking for an intelligent, friendly and loving dog, then go for the Blue Heeler puppies. Very hard and tough dog, the Blue Heeler has now gained popularity as pets. Also known as Queensland Heeler and the Red Heeler, they are cattle dogs.

Buy Blue Heeler puppies as they go well with the owner and with children. Blue Heeler puppies, which are easily trainable, are loyal to the masters. Dominant of other breeds, these powerful dogs are good watch and guard dogs.

With a short double coat that can be either red with speckles or blue with speckles, the Blue Heeler is very agile on its feet. The ears stand up pointed and straight at the top of his head. He has a broad skull with a deep muzzle. When born, the Blue Heeler Puppies are all white and later on only develop the colors on its coat.

As the breed has become popular as a pet, it is easy to get your Blue heeler puppies from the local pet store or breeder. If you want to know more about Blue Heeler puppies, then the Internet is the best place, which has vast information on various sites. You can also buy online your favourite Blue Heeler puppies.

Once you buy Blue Heeler puppies, utmost care is needed. Brush its fur coat once a week. Make sure that your puppy gets good exercise and also impart good training to make it obedient, as these dogs are a bit stubborn in its character.

blue heeler puppies facts

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