Boston terrier puppies facts

Boston terrier

Boston terrier puppies: A look into the world of Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston terrier puppies are compactly built, small and well proportioned ones. They have a short tail, short ear and a very short muzzle. Apart from that, they usually have a square face and weighs between 10 to 25 pounds.

The color of Boston terrier puppies is basically marked with white proportionate to either seal, brindle or black. However, seal is the color that is specifically used to describe the color of these puppies. Generally, white covers its muzzle, chest, parts of their foreleg, hind leg and between their two eyes. However, the white blaze never touches the eyes.

In the primitive world, Boston terriers were bred for the purpose of fighting. However nowadays, they are bred for friendship or companionship. The modern breeds of Boston terrier puppies are alert, gentle, well mannered, occasionally rambunctious, sensitive and expressive. Still, many of them have retained their spunky attitude.

Different health issues are of major concern in case of Boston terrier puppies. Cherry eye, cataract, deafness, luxating patellas, allergies and heart murmur are some of the problems that they might face. Roaching, a problem caused by the patella, may lean the puppy forward onto his fore legs. Besides, Boston terrier puppies cannot tolerate extreme cold or excessive heat.

With the changing time, the task of the Boston terrier puppies has also changed. They have evolved themselves from a fighting breed to a very loving breed. Also, they socialize very well with the people around them. That is the reason why they have found their place in most of the homes as a pet.





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