Boxer puppies facts


Boxer puppies originated towards the end of 19th century in Germany with typical characteristics  like lively, strong ,extremely loyal coupled with an extraordinary levels of energy .These are the working breeds weighing 65-80 lbs in a male while 50-65 lbs in a female. They can be found in colors of fawn, red and brindle. Their unique qualities include powerful jaws which make them appropriate for use in police and military rescue. Apart from all these they are found to be patient, dignified and self assured, having a stoic stance and are clever, charming, patient, dignified, self assured and delightful companions.

Boxer puppies prove to be outstanding watch guards as they have a sound hearing sense and are very alert. They love other pets and children, if raised with them, but they cannot stay alone for an extended period of time and lack of attention may lead to rude behavior.

Boxer puppies have shiny and smooth short-haired coat which fits them tightly and requires very little grooming and occasional brushing. To prevent stripping of necessary oils, bathing should be done only when it becomes necessary. It is very important to maintain a proper diet for Boxer as they have very sensitive stomach.

Boxer puppies are champions in performing tricks, they strive in competitive obedience and at the same time they love learning, they are quick to learn and are quiet clever. They are very active and enjoy regular games accompanied with outdoor exercises. It is very essential for them to stay occupied in order to prevent boredom.

If you are the owner of a new boxer puppy then the first thing you should assure is that they are healthy to start with and for this you are required to make an appointment with a veterinarian to check for an overall health regime for worms and parasites. And lastly it is very important for you to keep a close supervision on your pet as they learn by repetitions.



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