Buy a Pug But Only after Reading This

Before going to any pet center for buying or adopting pug, you should know certain things. Obviously, you will need a healthy puppy without any previous illness. But, how will you know that the pug you are choosing is healthy? See, it is quite common that your pug will fall ill and with little treatments it will recover. But, dealing with an unscrupulous dealer may cause you more effort and cost in future. Avoid getting into certain situations by following these tips.

Buy Pugs from Reputable Pug Breeder

The best way to have fit and healthy pug, contact with reputable pug breeder. They have clear ideas about the breed and can also make you aware about every detail of each particular dog. If you buy from reputable breeders, they will ensure that the pug puppy is in healthy condition, free from any genetic diseases.

Such breeders never breed any dogs that have hereditary diseases and therefore, you get dogs with free from anything critical. Talk well with the breeder and know how to take care of your pug. Never forget to follow his recommendation and if you still find any difficulties with the dog, some breeders can guarantee return.

Take Pug from Rescue Centers

If you have low budget and still want a dog, you can consult rescue centers. Yes, here you need to compromise certain things as getting pug from reputable breeders is completely free from headache. Still, you can do certain things. You should query where the dog is rescued from and why it was abandoned. You should know the reasons why the pug has been abandoned. Usually, the common reasons are:

  • Allergies from the dog.
  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • Unplanned birth.
  • No specific owners.
  • Problematic behavior of the pug.

Usually, the rescue centers are responsible enough to vaccinate and neuter the pug. And they also let you know if there is any problem with the dog.

Take It from Home Breeders

This happens much time. Your kid gets the small puppy from the neighbor and you can’t say h/her no while it brings the puppy at home. Still, you can be cautious. As the home breeders are well aware about the genetics and other details, you can ask about it to them.

Apart from these places, you can also buy pug from the pet shop. Usually, puppies at the pet shop come from home breeders or puppy mills. You should be extra careful while buying puppy that has come from puppy mill as those are only bred for profit.

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