Can dogs eat shrimp?


Is it good to feed Shrimps to dogs?

Are you also a concerned dog owner who wants to know that what is good to feed the dog and what not? If yes, this blog is especially for you. Definitely, your physician will guide you well that what kind of ‘human food’ is suitable for your dog. Also, you can ask about the ways in which these foods should be served. Here are some good points you should know about giving shrimps to your dog.

Shrimp as a dog food

Yes, you can give your dog shrimps to eat but you should be careful about preparing it properly before feeding it to your pet. A well cooked shrimp dish is good for your dog but only in small amount. It will cover a good part of nutritional requirement in your pet’s body. Moreover, they are easy to prepare.

Avoid raw shrimps

Always remember that your dog should never eat raw shrimps. If you have heard that it’s good to give raw meat to your dog, you should not apply this fact on shrimps. Raw shrimps bear bacteria often which may cause entry of toxins in your dog’s body. This is known as shellfish toxicity. Even, if you find your dog begging to eat raw shrimps, you should not allow your heart to melt on this ‘begging’. Only a well cooked shrimp dish should be given to your cute dog.

Why shrimp is good?

Dogs love to have shrimps for the reason they are carnivores. Their canines love to have shrimps. It seems tasty to dogs for being really a palatable crustacean. If you offer shrimps to your dog in moderate amount, it will work as nutritious diet for it. This well known seafood bears good level of cholesterol. The only concern is allergy which may be seen sometimes. For their low calorie content, richness of vitamin B12, good proportion of carb and fat, they are likely to be involved in dogs’ diet.

So, lastly you should understand that you are free to offer shrimps to your dog occasionally. It will be better to discuss with the vet doctor before including this sea food in the diet of your dog. Also, you need to be careful that your dog should not be habitual of it. For this, you can use various dishes to feed your dog alternatively, along with shrimp recipes. In this way, your dog will not be addicted of any single dish.

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