Can dogs eat apples?


How to Add Apple in the Diet of Your Dog?

Many of you are fruit lovers, right? And you know well about the nutritional values of fruits, that’s why you want your pet also to have some apples, banana and grapes. But can dog eat apples? This question annoys those pet owners who love their dog so much and want it to be full of nutrition for a good health. Although, there is no lack of specially prepared dog food in the market which is full of the nutritional value but what when you see your dog watches at you, mouth watered when you are having your fruit salad?

Dogs can be fruit lovers

You will like to know that your dog can eat apples, beans, yogurt and salmon with great passion. Giving certain fruits to your dog is not harmful but being an aware pet owner you should know that too much fruits and the kind of food we eat can make your dog sick. Actually, apples can be given to animals only in moderate amount. So, whenever you plan a fruit diet for your doctor or adding any fruit in the diet plan of your pet, don’t forget to consult with a vet doctor first.

What about dehydrated apples?

Finding the best and nutritious food for your dog is a little bit tough task but when you are planning to feed it dehydrated apple, you should be a little careful. As dehydrated apple contains all the required nutrients which can be found from a hydrated apple but it lacks the water content, so it is important to give this type of apple to your pet at a limited amount in order to avoid digestive system’s problem. It will better for you to decide a limited quantity of apple in your pet’s diet. Generally, it is recommended that any ingredient of the dog’s diet shouldn’t go over 25 percent of the calorie requirement for a week.

How to prepare apples?

Apples are loved by dogs because they offer them a healthy, super treat. You can give these apples to your dog in the form of frozen slices or as applesauce; as dinner toppings or baked apple. It also depends upon the preference of your dog which you will understand easily by giving various apple dishes to your dog.

So, you know well know that in what manner you should feed apples to your dog. You can go ahead along with the vet doctor’s prescription.

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