Can Dogs Eat Artichokes?


While you have a pet dog, you get confused something what to give it or not. Sometimes, you also try to give it some human foods, but don’t get whether that is beneficial for it or not. Are you thinking of sharing artichokes with your dear canine friend? That will be a good choice, but you should know certain factors before giving it to your dog.

Can You Give Artichokes to Your Dog?

If you want one-word answer then yes, you can give it. The entire artichoke can be given to dogs as that is not poisonous to them. But, the preparation must be easy to consume by your pet. There must not be any toxic elements that cause vomiting and diarrhea to your dog.

Health Benefits of Artichokes for Dogs

  • Artichokes are full of antioxidants which is good for your dog’s digestive system. It is low in calories and fat that keeps your dog active. Along with these, the vegetable is full of niacin and potassium which also keeps your dog healthy.
  • If your dog suffers from bowel problem, on regular basis, specifically from flatulence, artichoke is a wonderful solution for that.
  • The antioxidants in artichokes build a shield against the diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems, etc. It also prevents untimely aging and keeps your dog active by curing illness.
  • For a strong immunity system, you can give artichokes to your pet. Along with that, this vegetable is easy to digest and solves any liver issues of dogs by improving their liver functioning.

How to Prepare Artichokes for Your Dog

You should be very careful while preparing artichokes for your dog. Ensure that it never creates any intestinal blockage. The preparation should be easy to consume and digest.

Cut artichokes into small pieces and feed your dog slowly. Never make any haste. You don’t know whether it will suit them or not, so easy going is the best solution. Never feed your dog any artichoke recipe that you enjoy. Dog’s stomach is not ready to consume human food. Also, you must not use garlic, ginger and other inappropriate objects to dog’s artichoke meal.

For the maximum benefits, you can feed raw artichokes to your dog. Having it raw means your dog is getting the maximum benefits. Just remove the outer leaves and make small pieces to feed your dog. Always pick fresh artichokes instant of any canned or anything.

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