Can dogs eat banana?


Why feed bananas to dog?

When it comes upon the list of healthy and nutritious snacks for human, banana and banana chips come at the first line. Many times, people want to give the same healthy ‘human food’ to their pets also. Well, if you want to know the answer of the question that can dogs eat banana? the answer is yes. It is safe to feed banana to your dog. It means you can nourish your active dog by giving him/her a banana recipe. Know more about banana facts for dogs below.

Why banana for dogs?

Bananas are counted among those great eatables for dogs which can be taken as the perfectly safe nutritional diet for them. Until and unless your dog eats banana so excessively, it is safe for your pet. Also, there are many good effects of bananas on the health of your dog such as fulfilling the requirement of potassium, vitamin B and vitamin C. apart from this, it is a good diet for your dog to be given along with regular meal to fill his tummy. The same will work if your dog is suffering from bowels problem. The tons of fiber that we get from banana will be an additional advantage to your dog also when it is given to them as a nutritional, complementary eatable.

What to be careful about?

You should be careful to avoid feeding excessive amount of banana to your dog. Although, it provides good amount of potassium, magnesium and vitamins to your pet that helps him/her to stay active and energetic for a longer period but when the same is fed in excess, it may cause constipation to your dog.  One more thing to know is that some dogs don’t like the smell of banana, so you can add the banana shake along with regular meal of your dog to disguise the banana recipe.

Banana recipes means active dog

Banana works in various ways inside the body such as it helps in energy transport and protein building system as well as regulates the blood cell function in the body. This is done by the fruit in dog’s body too. The vitamins it offers to the body helps in metabolism of proteins. Also, some antioxidants are carried by banana which makes your dog stay young for longer time and help building cartilage.

So, are you ready to learn preparing some really delicious banana meshes for your dog now?

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