Can dogs eat grapes?


Why Grapes Should not be Given to Dogs?

This is again an interesting post for those who want their dog to have a nutritious and healthy diet. Definitely, people think many times that food items which are good and nutritious for human will work for animals too. But sometimes, they are proved to be wrong to think so. Many people are there to think that can dogs eat grapes? If you are also one among those dog owners, you should first know about the effect of grapes and raisins on the health of your dog. Grapes can be poisonous for your dog and you should not allow your dog to ingest this ever, at all. Although, veterinarians are not sure that raisins and grapes are toxic for dogs but according to some medical observations, it can cause kidney failure in dogs.

How grapes are toxic for dogs?

Grapes are known to cause kidney failure in dogs. Even a very little amount such as a grape per pound of the body weight is enough to make your dog sick and move towards a renal problem. The symptoms of this health problem in dog involve lethargy, vomiting and excessive driving. This leads towards halts in urine production and tremors.

What to do when your dog eats grapes?

You know well now that you should not give your dog grapes to eat as they are toxic to them but what should you do when you dog has ingested grapes unintentionally? Well, the first thing you should do is calling the vet doctor and tell him the exact weight of your dog’s body. Then the doctor may induce vomiting for eradicating out the toxin from their body. Also, activated charcoal is used for de-activation of toxicity.

A surprising fact

You might be surprised to know that how grapes are toxic for dogs but you will be surprised to know two interesting facts. The first fact is that all the dogs doesn’t show health problem because of ingestion of grapes but it couldn’t be discovered that why all the dogs show same kind of response against ingestion of grapes and raisins. The second fact is that this kind of health problem is not seen in cats when they eat grapes.

So, next time whenever you suspect that your dog has eaten raisins or grapes within last two hours, you should make him vomit to spat out the toxin. Otherwise, conditions may be fatal enough that your dog will lose its life due to kidney failure. Are you ready to keep grapes out of your dog’s reach now?

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