Can dogs eat peanuts?


Human are crazy of peanut and peanut recipes and there is no surprise if you find your dog to wish licking the peanut butter. By watching him showing its tongue for eating peanuts, you many times find your heart molten to give some peanuts but next moment only you begin to start whether it will be safe to feed peanuts to the dog? Well, the answer is yes, it is safe to feed them peanuts yet this ingredient is not poisonous for dogs.

How to give?

Giving peanuts to your dog can be an interesting thing for your dog because it has a delicious taste which cannot be forgotten easily. So, be careful before letting your dog eat peanuts. Choice of recipes made up of peanuts should also be exclusive according to the digestive system of dogs and their taste.

When you should not give peanuts?

Well, there is no lack of peanut recipes which are preferred to be given by your dog but most of the times things depend upon their taste and digestive system. It’s better to give peanuts only in limited amount and twice or thrice a week. As this can cause stomach upset and vomiting to your dog. Rest of the times you should be very strict to avoid giving heavy peanut preparations to your dog even if he or she is being so much obsessive of it.

What about peanut butter?

Dogs love to taste peanut butters and even you will find dog food stores totally prepared with delicious and catchy peanut butter preparations. But you will be surprised to know that you should not choose peanut butter recipes for offering a sweet dessert to your dog. An alpha toxin found in peanut butter can harm your dog as it can be carcinogenic. This toxin is a mycotoxin prepared by Aspergillus fungus which can be the reason of cancer. Fermentation process and presence of too much fat makes peanut butter harmful for dogs. Moreover, peanut butter becomes the reason of enhancing fat in your body and causes obesity.

Now, you know well about the requirement of peanut dishes for your dog and the way you should give. Moreover, you should talk to your physician before giving any peanut recipe to the dog because some breeds of the dogs can have allergies of peanuts. So, always take care about this fact and treat your pet according to the prescription of the physician only.

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