Can I feed chocolates to my dog?


So, you are one of those dog lovers who are planning to please their dogs by giving them a bit of chocolate at weekend for that pleasant eating experience? If yes, you should think twice before feeding chocolate to your dog. You may be surprised to know that why can’t you feed chocolates to your dog when you love the taste of chocolate very much? Well, the presence of cocoa powder and cocoa in chocolate can be toxic for your dog. Know more below that how this toxicity affects your dog adversely –
Theobromine, the toxic substance

Presence of theobromine can even kill your dog. This toxic component can be metabolized easily by human beings but not by dogs. The process of this metabolism is slow in dogs and that’s why, this increases the level of toxicity in their body. Theobromine is a bit like caffeine which has been reported to be poisonous for dog’s health. if you think that only dark chocolate is toxic for your dog, you are wrong because many brands are using theobromine component in their white chocolates and packed milk too. So you should not feed these things also to your dog.

What to do when your dog eat chocolate?

You should be alert that your dog should not eat even a bit of chocolate ever. If you think that your pet has eaten chocolate, you need not to panic. You should call the veterinary doctor at once and try to know that which chocolate the dog has eaten and at what quantity. The best thing you can do to take out the toxic theobromine component out of your dog’s system is to make it vomit. If you are unable to do this, an expert vet can prepare your dog for this.

After vomiting, don’t allow your dog to eat or drink anything for some time. Generally, dogs vomit themselves whenever they eat anything toxic. You should not wait for warning signs if you are sure that your dog has eaten any chocolate product. Just make him/her vomit with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

What are warning signs?

If you are not aware of your dog about eating chocolate, you should check out some warning signs for this. The symptoms can take about 6 to 12 hours after the ingestion of chocolate. Panting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, pacing, extreme thirst, seizures, shaking etc. are some warning signs.

Although, the symptoms can take some time to be shown but you should be careful for starting early treatment so that your dog will recover faster without much loss.

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