Can I give avocado to my dog?


How Do Avocados Work as a Food for Dog?

People who love to eat fruits want their dog also to eat fruits as fruits are known to be nutritious for us. But when it comes upon giving fruits to dog, you need to be a little selective because all the fruits are not beneficial for dogs. Even some of them may contain toxins and leave adverse effect on the health of your dog. Here are some important things to know about feeding avocados to dogs –

Toxin persin

In this series, avocado is known to contain a toxin called persin which can be deadly to big animal and birds. This substance is not poisonous for cats and dogs. The toxin is contained by the leaves, skin, bark, avocado pit and known to be harmful for goats, horses, rabbits, birds etc. There are no reported cases in dogs and cats of being poisoned by avocado (persin toxin).

Positive aspect

In spite of bearing a toxin persin (which is not believed to be poisonous for cats and dogs), avocado offers various nutrients to dogs. For the presence of some good nutrients, the fruit has achieved the status of super food and believed to be nutritious for dogs. The anti inflammatory agents in the form of omega fatty acids and antioxidants of the fruit help to strengthen the immune system of the body.

How to feed?

Feeding avocado to your dog is safe but you need to be a little bit careful. Avocados can be fed to your dog in a limited amount. Also, it should be taken care about that the leaves, bark, stem and pit of avocado should not be ingested by the dog because it contains the toxin and can cause food poisoning. Also, the unripe avocado bear persin, so the fruit you feed to your dog should be well-ripen. Too much ingestion of avocado can cause stomach upset and indigestion to your dog. Eating the pit can be harmful for the dog as it causes obstruction.

You will not like your dog to be the first case of cardiotoxicity as it may be caused due to ingestion of the avocado pit. So, be very careful while feeding avocado to the dog. It will better to uses avocado flesh and give it by mixing with other food; that too in small amount sometimes. It will be better to be at safe situated rather than a sorry one. Also, don’t forget that avocado contains high fat and can lead your dog towards obesity.

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