Can I Give My Dog Candy?

When you eat candies, your pooch salivates as they get attracted to those colorful little candies. But, can you give it to them? Often your kids share sweet candies to the pet dog and later, you see it having stomach pain or gradually, their teeth is decaying.

While it comes to candies, you should not take risk with your pooch’s health. Chocolate is very toxic to them and you should keep your dog away from it always. Besides that, the other colorful candies must not be given to your dog as those contain highly concentrated sugar which, even in very small amount, can destroy their teeth, weaken their metabolism and also bring diabetes to your dog.

Candy Is a Big No to Your Dog

Candy is definitely off-limits for your dog, always. Now, anything in little amount may not cause any harm, but you should not take chance as that ‘small amount’ everyday can cause great harm and dog’s teeth are at the stake at initial stage. Make sure that your kids never give any sweet or candy to your pet dog. Often, regular having it may grow bad habits of begging in your dog which you won’t like at all.

Don’t Keep Any Misconception

There are many pet owners who think dogs can eat anything, rather everything. Even, they often boast about it as they present their dog as an omnivorous. How wrong you are going! Dogs have their own and different digestive system and they are also prone to certain diseases that are common to human kind, like diabetes, cancer, etc. So, don’t just throw anything to your dog and never candy.

Chocolate Candies Are Toxic

There are several candies that contain chocolate in it. This is the worst type of candies for your dog. The digestive system of dogs cannot digest chocolate and you only cause deadly impact if you make them have chocolate. There are certain snacks also which have chocolate coating or chocolate filling. Beware! Never give or let your dog have such things.

There are several snacks available at market which is particularly made for dogs. Buy those if you want your dog to enjoy snacks. Always consult your vet while giving anything new to your buddy and keep them always away from any junk food. Often you don’t get when kids feed them anything wrong. So, tell them not to give anything to your dog anything toxic.

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