Can I Give My Dog Garlic?


Garlic is one of the super foods for human beings; is it similarly good for dogs? Many dog owners think garlic is as poisonous as onions to dogs. To know the truth behind the myth, we need to dig deep.

There is regular debate whether garlic is harmful to dog or not. Actually, garlic contains several benefits for the canines, but as it is an unknown object to dogs, they can suffer from potential health issues. Garlic contains protein, vitamin C and B which can be proved beneficial for your dog.

Can You Give Garlic to Your Dog?


As you don’t know what will be the side effects on your dog, you should give garlic in a very little amount to it. Often, dogs can be sensitive to the pungent smell, so moderation is the key. If you have a small breed dog, one clove in dog food is enough. For larger breeds, you can make it 2 cloves. There is a chewable yeast garlic supplement is available at market, specifically made for dogs. This can be a good option to feed garlic to your pet dog without any side effects.

Why You Need to be Cautious?

Basically, garlic also belongs to Allium family from which onions, chives, scallions, etc. come. Now, if those are poisonous to dog, garlic must have certain negative impacts on your dog. A little amount won’t harm at all, but make sure it doesn’t have it much.

Too much garlic can lead to Heinz body where the oxidative damage is done to the red blood cells of your loving dog. It is the reason of anemia in dogs and in some rare cases, cause death too.

Medicinal Benefits

To human, garlic is considered as medicines as it heals several diseases. The antibiotic in it keeps you away from any infection. To dogs, this element work as it is. In dogs, garlic can kill the microbes and destroy cancer cells by improving the immunity system. To keep your furry friend hale and hearty, you can include garlic at right amount into its food.

Besides these, garlic also works as natural detox. It has certain components which removes harmful toxins from dog’s body and improves liver functioning. Even, garlic oil can be used for any ear infection, ear mites and other minor injuries to your dog.

So, garlic is healthy to dogs if it is provided at little amount. Also, be careful if your dog is allergic to garlic or not.

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