Can I Give My Dog Ham?

You may enjoy a plate of ham sandwich; but, is it cool to give your dogs? Sharing ham with your dog is actually not a good idea. Actually, ham contains highly saturated fat and preservatives and concentrated sodium too. Too much salt can only dehydrate your canine friend while feeding fatty ham only makes your dog overweight and lethargic. You definitely want it to be so. Basically, ham is the type of processed pork. But, this is not good for your pooch as there may be certain harmful bacteria, parasites and other objects which don’t go well with your doggy. Now, let’s dig deep to know why ham is not recommended to your pooch.

Negative Impacts of Ham on Dog

Often pigs are given high antibiotics to improve their growth. These meats are not recommended to your dog by the vet as those contain high salt that can cause diarrhea to your favorite buddy. Basically, ham is not at all a healthy option to provide dog. So, a small portion may not damage much. But you definitely don’t want to take any risks.

Ham Has Protein But Also Preservatives

Maybe ham is called ‘the other white meat’, but you can’t compare it with the healthy options like beef or chicken. Yes, it contains protein, but that is difficult ones to digest by the dogs. Along with the difficult protein, it also contains sodium-based preservatives which are very bad for your dog. Not only that, but ham is also dangerous in other ways. If you ever check it out under microscope, you can find little parasites and worms in it. The meat is like that. Therefore, ham is very risky for your loving dog. Along with ham, you should be strict on giving bacon, bologna, hot dogs, etc. as these have no healthy and nutritious elements in it.

Hopefully, you understand why ham, pork, etc. are not good options at all. Maybe a little amount won’t harm, but you shouldn’t take risk with your dog’s health. The parasites can be deadly for them. Again, dogs tend to go for splinters, but they can’t swallow it and cause severe internal injuries. If you think to give cooked ham to your dog that is also not good as the spices, used in it can create adverse effect on your dog’s health. There are several other healthy and tasty foods for dogs. Give them those and keep happy and healthy.

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