Can I Give My Dog Leftovers?


Dogs get salivated whenever there are leftovers on your table of last night. You can give them leftovers but has to be very careful about what they are eating. After occasions, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are leftovers in your refrigerator. It is true that wasting food is not a good idea, but your loving dog is also valuable to you. So, you can offer the food to it if the element is in good condition.

Anything wrong objects to dog can make it ill and if it starts to bloat, you have reasons to worry. So, you need to follow the rule of moderation and be judgmental. Know what you can do to your dog and what not and your pooch will love the leftovers as treat.

Can You Give Leftovers to Your Dog?

Yes, you can but with moderation and slowly. Pet dogs love to have leftovers; but it is up to you to decide what to give them and what not. Therefore, you need to know which leftovers work well with your dog and which can make them sick.

Meat and Bones


After a bar-be-que party or any other occasions, you must have meat, turkey and bone leftovers in your refrigerator. These you can give to your pet dog. People may ask which is good for dogs among these. Actually, you can withhold meat skin as too much turkey skin only leads your canine friend towards pancreatitis. Again, these chewy skin elements can cause choking hazards to your dog. Also, keep your dog away from leftover bones, no matter how it likes to have one. Turkey bones are easy splinter and can stick into the throat and choke your pet.

Veggies, Stuffing, Carrots and Others

Apart from the main meat course, you may have lots of veggies or stuffing inside your refrigerator. Can you give those to your dog? Yes, but again you need to be very calculative. Usually, stuffing is made of onions or onion powder which is very harmful to dogs. If you want to make your dog have mashed potatoes, make sure there is no cheese or sour cream in it. You can feed gravy to your dog, but know how it is made. For example, gravy using cranberries is not good for your pooch as it has too much concentrated sugar than your dog actually need.

So, now you get good idea whether to feed leftovers to dog or not and what to feed. You can give it beans and carrots as those won’t make any harm.

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