Can I Give My Dog Marshmallows?

The little puffy and sugary confections are awesome when toasted or roasted or you use it on chocolate or ice cream. Is feeding marshmallow to dogs a good idea? Actually, these white and fluffy confections contain enough sugar which is not good for dogs. So, you can provide one to them sometime, but don’t make it a regular habit.

Often people think it is a good idea to put medicines within marshmallow while feeding to dog. This is a good idea; but don’t continue this method for long.

Can You Give Marshmallows to Your Dog?

Yes, you can but not regularly. Overdose of marshmallow can cause diarrhea and also vomiting in some cases. Various dog breeds can’t digest that much sugar that marshmallows contains.

Is It Good Habit to Use Marshmallows for Pills

Dogs often refuse to have medicines directly. Therefore, many pet owners hide it inside the marshmallow and feed it to their dog. But, you know that marshmallow is not good for your dog. So, it is better to take small sized marshmallow instead of a jumbo one. The bigger sized marshmallows can also cause choking hazards, specifically for small breed dogs.

Why Marshmallows Are Not Good Choice for Dogs

While you want to treat your dog something, look out for something that is healthy for your pooch. Seeking help to marshmallow is never a good idea. With high sugar concentration, marshmallows only cause health issues in your dog. And any bad habits, like tossing everything you eat to your dog only increase complications later. It is always better to look for something that is made specifically for dogs so that they can get the best nutrients according to their body.

What to Do If your Dog Eat Much Marshmallows?

If your dog has eaten a full bag of marshmallows, don’t get worried. First, you need to keep a strict eye on your dog for any abrupt side effects. They may suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Now, dogs have stronger metabolism, so they can be get cured naturally. If you see these symptoms to get worse, you need to take your dog to a vet or the nearest animal care center. Don’t get tensed if it eats some marshmallows, but be sure that it won’t have it again.

Hopefully, you get ideas why you shouldn’t give marshmallows to your dog. There are several other dog treats available at market; why to take chance?

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