Can I Give My Dog Onions?


If you are bringing the first dog in your house, you should go through several home works. The main thing you need to concentrate upon is what you are feeding your pooch. When it comes to onion, you should always keep a good distance between your dog and this vegetable. Though many of you know how poisonous onion can be for your doggy, still more information will keep you aware.

We all know that dogs can’t stand the pungent smell of onions and it also contains elements which are toxic for dogs. Today, we will find out why onion is such a dangerous enemy for dogs. Even, the smallest amount can cause harm to your canine friend.

Usually, dogs are prone to have the table scraps. Never allow it to do so if there is any trace of onions. Many people will say that a little amount won’t cause much harm, but, we prefer not to take any chance. Onions can be deadly to your dear dog and you definitely don’t want to take any chance with its health. No matter how you serve onion, cooked or raw, all result is disasters. Even, never provide onion powder in any dog food.

Why Onions Are So Bad for Your Dog?


Onion contains thiosulphate which is toxic for your pet dog. This object destroys red blood cells in dog’s body which are responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body, including dog’s brain. Besides this, the liver functions also get disturbed when a dog suffers from Heinz Body Anemia. Onions can also cause Hemolytic Anemia which can be killer to a dog.

Symptoms of Having Onion

If your dog has some onion by chance, you may not see any instant reaction in its body. But, as days go on, you may notice it being lethargic and not eating properly. Lack of appetite and laziness are primary signs of a dog when it has onions.

If it ever consumes higher amounts onions, your pooch may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate, paleness, change in the color of urine, abdominal pain, heavy breathing, yellowing of skin, eyes or gums.

Large dogs can withstand these conditions better than small dogs as those little ones get more vulnerable to onions. Whatever it is, never give onions to any breeds of your dogs.

Along with onions, you should also not give grapes, chocolate, raisins, etc. as those also contains certain amount toxic elements for dogs.

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