Can I Give My Dog Oregano?


Whenever you think of oregano, you get the visuals of yummy Italian dishes, especially pizza and lasagna. This perennial herb is very beneficial for you as well as for your dogs due to the presence of several medicinal properties in it. You can give it to your pet dog without getting much worried.

You can make your pooch eat it easily by mixing it with its food. To cure arthritis and joint pains in dog, oregano works as medicines. Along with it, the herb also contains antioxidants which are helpful in curing minor injuries like bee sting. Let’s check out more about the medicinal herb and its effect on pet dogs.

Can You Give Oregano to Pet Dog?

Yes, you can. If you are giving roasted or grilled meat or vegetables to your dog, sprinkle oregano over it and your dog will love the taste. Along with providing taste, it also gives medicinal benefits to your dog.

Benefits of Oregano Oil

oregano oil

Not only the herbs, but oregano oil is also beneficial for your pooch. Oregano oil is antiseptic which is very advantageous as it restricts the spread of germs. Along with that, it contains anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that reduce the effect of viruses and bacteria.

As oregano is natural oil, it soothes dogs from skin rashes and irritation and wounds. Apply it on the affected areas of your dog’s skin and it will be cured within few days. Are you worried of excessive shedding of your dog? Oregano oil can serve the best to make the coat of your dog silky smooth and healthy. But, be careful of using oregano oil into dog’s food. As it has strong flavor, you should avoid it mixing in its food. Rather, use herbs in dog’s food.

Though there are no serious side effects of oregano to your dogs, still you should consult your vet regarding the dose.

How Oregano Helps Dog’s Health in Other Ways

In any gastrointestinal and respiratory problem in your dog, oregano works as medicine. To treat sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and any cough and cold, heartburn and bloating, oregano is a wonderful solution. Along with treating any wounds of your dog, it also heals skin problems, like psoriasis, bee sting, warts, ringworm, canker sores, etc.

Oregano is one of the safest herbs that you can use for your dog. Similarly, you can use basil and calendula as those are also effective for dogs.

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