Can I Give My Dog Papaya?

Due to lots of healthy enzymes, papaya is very helpful for human health. Does it equally positive for your dog? Do the enzymes work equally good as those do for human health? Today, we will dig deep and know details of it.

Actually, if you think your dog needs probiotic boost, you can provide papaya to it. But, the formula is same old; moderation and mildness. Yes, it is true that there are many fruits which you can’t give to your dog due to some questionable components, but papaya is not harmful like those. It contains nutritional values for your canine friend.

Can You Give Papaya to Your Dogs?

Yes, you can, but in moderation. Feed freshly cut papaya to your pet dog, only after removing the seeds. Peel it well and cut into small pieces. It is true that papaya is not harmful for your pooch, but if you are giving it for the first time, you won’t know how your dog will react to it or how it’s digestive system will accept papaya. So, starting with little portion is the best. Make sure you always give fresh papaya to your dog instead of dehydrated ones.

Healthy Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is really very beneficial for your dog as well. Along with treating indigestion, papaya also solves issues like fluctuation, bloating, etc. for your dogs. While fibers in papaya boost up the digestive power of your dog, the rich vitamins (vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C) and minerals (potassium and folate) keeps it healthy. Papaya also contains magnesium and calcium which are essential for good growth. For stronger immunity in your dogs and to make them more energetic, you should give papaya to it. It also keeps your dog’s heart well and solves problems like atherosclerosis.

Fruits That Are Poisonous for Your Dog

You have known papaya is beneficial for your dog. But, there are certain fruits which have toxic elements for your puppy. One of the most harmful fruits for dogs is avocado. This green fruit is helpful for human kind, but it contains questionable elements for your dog. You should not provide grapes to your pooch as it can cause kidney failure to it. Not only fruits, but you should keep your dog away from certain dairy products and alcoholic beverages too.

So, here you get how papaya is helpful for your dog. Give it of small portion and if your dog likes the taste, increase the quantity.

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