Can I Give My Dog Potato Chips?

Before giving it to your dog, you should stop eating these; otherwise, you will be a couch potato. Now, let’s be serious. Can you give potato chips to your pet dog? Many of you toss it to your dog while watching television or just cuddling with it. If it salivates whenever you have potato chips, can you share it with your canine pal?

There is no doubt that chip are junk food and those are not good for you as well as your pet. So, making regular habit of it for your dogs is not at all great. You may feel down while not sharing chips while having it and watching your dog staring at the packet; but remember; you are doing it for your buddy’s good. The only thing you need to prioritize is the health of your dog. Initially, being strict may be difficult, but when you see your dog, running around healthy and happy you will feel happy.

Chips Are Not Good Option

Potato chips may not be toxic, but those are not good for dog’s health. You definitely don’t want your dog to develop unhealthy eating habits. Potatoes are not harmful for dogs, but the market-made chips are highly processed and sodium concentration is higher. Besides that, there are other spices and additional fat are mixed which can create adverse effect on your pet dog. Excessive sodium consumption will only lead your pet dog to dehydration.

What Happen If Your Dog Eat an Entire Bag

You should be careful enough so that no such incidents happen. You should also tell your kids not to share bag of chips with your pet. Still, if your pooch gets on the full bag, you should be ready for its diarrhea. The excessive oil, fat and potato will only make them gain much weight and you will end up with a lousy dog, instead of an energetic one.

Are Branded Ones Good?

No. These brands are made for human and their taste buds. Therefore, along with enough salt, there are different types of spices are used in these chips. These are not favorable for dogs and can upset their stomach. Growing bad habits of eating chips may hail any long term complications for your dog. Make it clear that all types of chips are harmful for dogs.

Why to take risk when there are other food supplements available at market for your pooch? Take care of their health and pamper them in other ways than to feed them human food.

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