Can I Give My Dog Prunes?

Whenever you have anything, you find it interesting to share it with your dog. Is it a good habit? Pets won’t refuse that much while you provide anything to them; it is your duty to keep them away from such elements which can harm them. Prunes are one of those foods that are helpful for human but contain questionable elements for dogs.

Actually, dogs eat those things which are appealing to them with the smell. Prune is not one of those foods. So, naturally they will avoid it. Now, if you make it have prunes or prune juice, their body will not accept it readily. And as a consequence they may have diarrhea or constipation. This doesn’t mean that there is any harm if your canine friend taste one dried prune, but the dose never be more than that.

Many people think prune can solve the problem of constipation of your dog. But, you need to know that dogs have quick metabolism. Any health problems can be solved automatically, within few days. You just need to give time without adding alien objects, like prunes to its food. When your pooch is suffering from any problem, you get worried. But, stay calm and let nature do its course. What best you can do is to consult a vet.

Dry Prunes and Fresh Plums

Prunes and plums are completely different. The plums, used to make prunes, are dried and prunes are made. When plums are dried to make prunes, fibers get concentrated and the flavors become richer. It becomes difficult to digest for dogs. So, it is always a better option to provide fresh plums than dried prunes to your dog.

Can You Give Prune Juice to Your Dog

Now, many of you will think that if dried prunes are not recommended to give your dog, prune juice can be given. But, that is also one of those things are you should not give to your dog. To quench thirst of your dog, there is no better option than plain water. It will keep their system running well and also keep them hydrated. Any other juice only leads to dehydration and problems like constipation and all.

So, if you think your dog is suffering for continued constipation, instead of giving prunes, take it to vet. Many owners also provide cooked rice to their dog to make their system smooth. This is also a good option.

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