Can I Give My Dog Salt?


While it comes to salty foods and dogs, the combination never goes well. Too much consumption of salt leads to serious dehydration in dogs. That’s why sharing chips or other snacks with your dog is always a bad idea. It is true that your pet dog requires sodium, but you should know the quantity of it. A little amount salt is okay, but if your canine friend has much salt ever, don’t get panicked. Just make sure that it has plenty of fresh water to keep itself hydrated.

Usually, dogs won’t prefer to have human foods, but if you make it greedy over it, it may salivate over extra salty foods which may bring serious health problems further.

Is It Okay to Give Salt to Your Pet Dog?

The answer should be ‘No’. You should avoid giving salt to your dog. When it comes to your pets, moderation is the best thing to follow. Actually, pets can’t express what problems they are facing from foods. So, don’t start from high level. Give small portion and watch for short as well as long term effects. You can give your dog few salted peanuts sometime, but make sure it drinks much water afterwards. But, never allow your dear canine friend to have a bag full of chips or mouthful of pretzels as that will approve your irresponsibility. If ever your dog has much salt, keep fresh water ready beside it for preventing dehydration.

How Much Salt Is Sensible?


Dogs need sodium for their growth but it is of very small amount and that is already presented in the dog foods that you buy from stores. According to the researches of the Association of American Feed Control, 0.3% sodium won’t make any harm to dogs.

While buying dog foods, you should check out the ingredients and the amounts of those. There are several dog foods which consist of more than 0.3% sodium. That won’t make any harm to your dog unless it is recommended to low sodium diet by the vet.

When Your Dog Is on Low Sodium Diet

If your canine friend is suffering from liver, heart and kidney diseases, they will be on low sodium diet. While your dog is on such diet, the blood pressure of it remains lower that keeps them free from heart and kidney issues. Beware that your dog won’t have anything salty at this time.

Processed and canned foods are not good at all for your dog’s health as those have concentrated salt and other spices. So, don’t let your friend eat these.

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