Can I Give My Dog Squash?

While it comes to healthy vegetables, squash will get the top place of the list. This is healthy for you as well as for your dog. So, there is nothing to worry while feeding squash to your dog; but you should know the appropriate serving methods.

While introducing anything new to your dog, you should be very careful. Moderation and mildness is the key to follow. Give small portions to your dog and let it get used to it slowly. If you see there are no short and long term effects, you can increase the portion.

There are several varieties of squash available at market and none of these are harmful to your canine friend. This is definitely one of the excellent veggies to give to your dog as supplements. Give it separately or mix it with other regular dog meals.

How to Serve Squash to Your Dog

You should never provide raw squash to your dog. Yes, for several other fruits and veggies, you can give those raw; but while it comes to squash, you need to cook it so that dog can easily digest it. For human being, it is possible to take the nutrients from any type of food; but dogs can’t do it. So, you should prepare the squash in a way so that dogs can easily digest it and get all the nutrition. You can prepare soup of squash and add it with regular dog food or rice or pasta.

Create Tasty Squash Recipes for Your Dog

It is really fun to get to know how to prepare canine-friendly dishes. Experts suggest starting from soups. Squash soups are really awesome option to make your pet dog has enough nutrition of it. But, be careful of using spices and salt into it as those are not recommended at all while feeding your pet. You can use turmeric at moderate level, but there is a big NO to excessive salt and pepper. You can also give boiled chicken and bones into the soup to make it tastier for dogs. Instead of throwing anything to your canine friend, it is better option to offer a complete prepared meal to your pooch so that it can enjoy its food.

Feed cooked squash to your dog and it will digest that easily. You can prepare a recipe of squash and bone marrow which will be loved by your dog.

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