Can I Give My Dog Sushi?


You give several things to your dog. Do you always think before giving? There are certain objects which can create health issues for them. When it comes to human foods, like sushi, you get confused whether to give it to your pet dog or not. Now, it is quite tricky to answer it directly. Still, we’ll try.

Let’s be clear about one thing. Do you want to spend a lot for your dog? Actually, sushi is quite expensive and you keep it for your personal delicacy. So, you should think about it if you want to give it to your dog or not. Besides, when you are giving anything raw to your dog, you must check whether it is fresh or not. Any bacterial growth in food objects can lead serious health issues in your dog.

Can You Include Sushi into Your Dog’s Diet?

You can, but only if it is fresh and excluded certain objects. Don’t give any leftovers to your dog if it is rotten. If it is completely fresh sushi, you can give it to your canine friend. But, again you must be sure enough about the ingredients, used in the sushi. Usually, sushi contains rice, raw fish and vegetables like seaweeds and sliced cucumbers. Often eggs are also used in sushi. There are certain ingredients which are off-limits for dogs. We will know about those.

Avocado Sushi

Avocado Sushi

In many sushi, avocado is used. Though avocado is really healthy for human beings, it is not clear whether it has any dangerous impacts on dogs. Actually, avocado contains a toxic element, persin, which can be harmful for dogs. A little amount of avocado won’t harm to your pet, but make sure it won’t have much of it.

Spicy Sushi

Spicy Sushi

The Japanese style sushi is authentic and can be provided to your pet dog as that won’t have many spices. But, Asians as well as Europeans use several spices, like wasabi, you should not give it to your dog. Again, Thai-Sushi is made of garlic and several other spices which are questionable ingredients for your dog. Why to take risk?

What Are the Health Problems Dogs Can Have After Having Sushi?

Is your dog become sick after eating sushi? May be they are having gastrointestinal problem along with diarrhea, upset stomach, loose motion and vomiting. The good news is many times, these problems won’t last longer and dogs get well by themselves only.

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