Can I Give My Dog Turmeric?


The benefits of turmeric are awesome to human beings. Is it equally beneficial for your pooch? You will be surprised to know that turmeric works as miracle healer for dogs. Even, vets often recommend providing turmeric to dogs. Though it is still unknown which components in turmeric are so beneficial to dogs, you can give it to your canine friend.

Actually, turmeric is one of those spices which have an aroma and you can easily understand if anything has turmeric in it. Usually, such spices are not to be recommended to provide dogs, but turmeric is exceptional. As it contains numerous health benefits, you can add it in a moderate amount to the food of your pooch.

There are several research works have been done on this issue and it is proved that turmeric can be used as supplement that helps to restrict the growth of free radicals in dogs and also soothes arthritis. Therefore, vets often suggest giving turmeric to pet dogs.

Can You Give Turmeric to Your Dog?

Yes, definitely and vets also recommend it. Often health supplements won’t help that much that turmeric can do. So, slowly introduce your canine friend with the spice according to its size and tolerance. The dose must not be more than recommended by your vet.

How Should You Give Turmeric to Your Dog?

Puppy Eating

First, start with adding little amount of turmeric into their food. Use turmeric powder or paste so that it mixes well with the food and increase the amount every day to make your pooch used to it. Whenever you start something new, especially anything aromatic like turmeric, so that dog’s digestive system won’t get disrupted.

For regular use, start with a quarter of a teaspoon turmeric. Then, increase it up to ¼. This quantity is absolutely okay for your pet dog.

How Turmeric Helps Dog

Turmeric is full of antioxidants which work like medicines to the dogs that have arthritis. According to several other researches, it has been proved that turmeric works to prevent other diseases like cancer. No matter your dog has any serious health issues or not, you can give turmeric to it so that it gets a stronger immunity system.

So, turmeric has several health benefits for your dog. But, don’t give any food items that contain other spices along with turmeric. The best way is to add turmeric of recommended amount into the dog food.

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