Can I give orange to my dog?


So you are fed up of your dog’s habit of begging for oranges when you eat this and you end up thinking whether they are safe to be fed to your pet or not? Well, it is not a surprise if your pet goes crazy for fruits rather than meat as every living being loves to taste something new and different from the daily routine. Although, some healthy fruits like apples, bananas and blueberries have been checked by the physicians to be safe for dogs still grapes and avocados are known to be dangerous for dogs when given in certain circumstances. But you should know well that not all fruits are safer to be eaten by your dog. Let’s know more about the effect of oranges on dogs.

Oranges are safe

The simple thing to know about oranges is that they are safe to feed dogs; their sweetness is a natural sugar which doesn’t affect adversely to the health of your pet. You can give even a full medium size orange to your big dog. Although, oranges bear high sugar still this will not harm your dog until you are giving it in a moderate amount. Feeding excess oranges to your dog will lead to stomach upset as it happens in case of every other food. If you are thinking about citric acid which is present in orange, you need not to worry because it never harms them.

How to give orange?

You can offer this fruit to your dog in slices and not any part of the fruit has been proven to be toxic for dogs. Still, you should take care of not feeding this fruit to your dog often because high level of citric acid of this fruit can cause bouts of diarrhea in many dogs. It will be better to provide a moderate amount of oranges to your pets rather than making their life complicated by giving them too many oranges very often.

Instead of orange, you can prefer giving fleshy fruits to your dog without seeds because fruits having seeds can harm the digestive system of their body. Melon, apple, blueberries and cranberries can be given to your dog in average quantity with the expectation of good results. While orange bears seeds so you should be careful that your dog should not eat seeds. So you may be knowing well now that at what quantity you can feed orange  to your dog and why it is better to feed her/him apples rather than an orange.

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