Can I use human shampoo on my dog?

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It is very important to keep your pet dog neat and clean as that is very important to keep your dog healthy. There are many dog owners who use their own shampoo to clean their dogs. They do it to make their pet smell nice. But, the question is – Is it right to use human shampoo for your pet dog? Today, we will find out the answer of it.

Why to Use Human Shampoo?

If you want to make your buddy smell wonderful, human shampoo is the trick. Also, your shampoos come at cheaper rate than dog’s shampoo. So, using it will save good amount from your budget. But, if you concentrate on the health of your dear canine friend, you should not use human product on it as human shampoo may cause several side effects on it.

Can You Use Human Shampoo on Your Pet Dog?

dog bath

If you follow the experts’ advice, they will suggest you not use human product on your pet’s soft fur. Yes, that may provide good smell, but regular use of it only hampers their skin and fur. Rather, you should buy superior quality canine-formulated organic shampoo and conditioner. Buying dog’s shampoo is the best thing to clean your pet as well as take good care of them. If you consult a dog groomer, h/she will suggest the best thing for your pet.

How Human Shampoo Hampers Dog’s Health

  1. As dog’s skin and fur is not like humans, it is quite obvious that there will be side effects if you use that on your dog.
  2. Human shampoo is harsh for dogs. Using those regularly will hamper their natural ability to keep their hair and skin glowing. The chemicals and fragrance is poisonous for your buddy.
  3. Many of you think using human shampoo will give you an aromatic dog. But, in long run that has adverse effect on dog.
  4. Dog’s skin is more sensitive than humans. Therefore, using human shampoo on dog’s skin can make their skin drier and cause itchiness. Don’t think allergies are the only reason of irritation and itchiness; it maybe the bathing product you are using.
  5. Human shampoo contains acidic product, but dog’s skin require more alkaline concentration which keeps their skin hydrated and solves any skin issues.

Now, you know why human product doesn’t work well on your pet dog. Buy branded dog shampoo and let your friend play with bubbles.

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