Chihuahua puppies facts


Chihuahua – The smallest beautiful admired dog on this planet.

Chihuahua is the smallest dog on earth. The name Chihuahua comes from the state Chihuahua of Mexico. Chihuahua is very popular in the native state of Mexico and one of the most admired dogs globally.

Broadly Chihuahua comes in two types, short coated and long coated. Being very small in size Chihuahua weighs approximately 3 pounds. It has a long tail with big ears. Its eyes are very prominent. Overall the Chihuahua puppy is very loving to children, adolescents and elderly people because of his size. Beware! At times the Chihuahua pup is very perceptive and stubborn also. This breed is known to obey only one person and becomes very violent in case he has to protect his master.

Well Chihuahua seems very interesting. If you own a Chihuahua puppy or you want to own one, please remember to give your Chihuahua a fantastic grooming. The following grooming guidelines would definitely be useful to you:

1.    A natural hairy brush is required to brush the entire coat.

2.    Then the tangles to be removed by combing. Preferably the comb should be an average toothed comb.

3.    Both short coated and long coated Chihuahua’s to have a shampoo bath preferably with ordinary tea tree as well as lavender oil.

4.    A Chihuahua should never have a bath till he gets dirty. A bath once in every 2 to 3 months is enough. Depending on environmental and other circumstances the bathing can be decided. Good rinsing to be always adhered.

5.    During brushing of the long hair, the coat should be blown dry followed by combing with an average toothed comb.

6.    Also a close watch is to be kept at Chihuahua’s ears, nails and teeth. The nails can be reasonable for your pet to take part in Dog Shows.

So if you are still thinking of a Chihuahua and do not own one, please rush to have one. This trendy cute animal is the loveliest, smallest dog in the world which would definitely match your lifestyle.





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