Common Health Problems of Pomeranians

If you are planning to bring a teacup Pomeranian at home, you really need to know details about it. You should be concerned about its food habit, living style and most importantly, health issues. Though, this toy breed is sturdy and don’t have much health problems, still there are certain issues you should know about. Here are certain health issues that a Pomeranian often suffers from. Have a look.


As Pomeranians are quite small in size, they don’t eat much food at once; but they need food at certain gap as they are over-enthusiastic. But, pet owners often feed them one at a time and that is too much for it. This leads to obesity.

Patella Luxation

Due to some reason, the knee cap of Pomeranians can slip and they feel immense pain while moving. If you see your ‘Pom’ stretching one leg over and over or if they hold one hind leg while running or walking, you should take it to the vet for treatment.

Teeth Problems

This is one of the most common issues in Pomeranians. As their mouth is very small they suffer from overcrowding of teeth. Therefore, food gets trapped inside their teeth and problems like tartar and plaque are built up. Gum diseases like gingivitis and then premature teeth loss are common health issues in Pomeranians.

Heart Issues

Pomeranians often suffer from enlarge heart. Though this problem won’t hamper their long life, sometimes it gets severe. So, if your pooch is facing any such thing, take it to vet for thorough checkup on regular basis.

Thyroid Problems

Talking about Pomeranian’s health problem, this should be mentioned. How to know that your little Pomeranian is suffering from thyroid problem? The first symptom can be extreme hair loss. Take it to vet.

Cushing Disease

The common symptoms of this disease are hair fall, sudden weight gain, high blood pressure and frequent urination. Usually, this is a disease of older dogs and happens due to over active hormones or pituitary tumor.

Collapsed Trachea

Like any other small breed dogs, this is one of the most common health issues in Pomeranians. Here, the cartridges of trachea get infected and collapsed. The symptom is coughing after playing or exercising. This is nothing serious and can be solved with medicines.

So, these are certain health issues in Pomeranians. Nothing is too serious and can be cured at the first stage.

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