Coolie puppies facts


Coolie Puppies – Wholly Entertaining Breed.

It is the country Australia that was the home of the Coolie puppies. They are also known by their place of origin and are called “Australian Coolie” or “German Coolie”. The height of these puppies grows till 15 to 22 inches. The coat of these puppies is either long or short and its color ranges from solid red to black and brown combination.

The best trait of this breed of dogs is its personality and energy. They are very loyal and can adapt to any situations. They are very friendly and quite active too. They are also sometimes referred to as working dog as they love to work. Their sense of devotion to their master makes them the best companion. If they are properly socialized they are great with the children. Their reflexes, stamina and the agility cannot be described in words.

The coolie is an intelligent dog who has great ethics of work and wants to please everybody. This breed of dogs is very easily trained. The addition of these dogs in the family is simply too great.

These puppies do not require much of grooming. For the short coats only little combing is required. The puppies with longer coats too require occasional brushing. Coolie puppies are great water lovers. The bathing of these puppies is utter necessity, as they might get afflicted with water borne diseases.

These puppies require vigorous exercise. They also need to go out for long walks or jog on a regular basis. Coolie puppies are very active too.

So bring home a coolie puppy and enjoy it’s living with all.



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