Corgi puppies facts


The Spirited Corgi puppies.

Corgi puppies are known as Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies also. It is said that in around 1107 AD that the Flemish weavers brought them to Wales. Corgi in Welsh language means, “dwarf dog”. Corgi puppies are generally small dogs. They are the smallest of the Herding-type breed. The Corgi puppies are long and robust by health. They are found in variety of colors ranging from red, sable, black and tan. They are double-coated puppies.

These puppies are the most spirited companions. They are extremely athletic by nature and very dependable too. Their expression is that of intelligence and takes keen interest on everything. These versatile Corgi puppies are simply great to have at home. They thrive on human companionship and remain very devoted to their owners. They are fiercely loyal too. If left alone for a longer period they become restless and that leads to excessive barking. They remain well with other pets. In a family of older people and well-behaved children these corgi puppies can be great members. They can often play the role of a guard dog with extreme sense of alacrity.

The Corgi puppies require minimal grooming. Brushing alone can minimize their hair loss to a great extent. It is the ears of the Corgi puppies that need regular checking and cleaning. They love to walk around and play. They are extremely eager for lots of adventure. These puppies are prone to retinal problems, cataract and Von Willebrand’s disease.

These puppies are said to be the favored breed and pets of Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

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