Dachshund puppies facts


Dashing Dachshunds

Also known as sausage dogs, dachshunds are small variety of dogs highlighted by their short statures almost resembling a sausage. The dachshund is a native of Germany. Dachshunds usually come in three standard sizes; miniature, fully grown and kanninchen. Dachshund puppies come in different colours though they are commonly perceived to be the reddish brown dog. Some colours are fawn, brown, brindle cream and black.

Dachshunds are very social dogs. They are usually stubborn and are head strong. This makes them difficult to train. However this must not be a deterring factor that will prevent you from making a dachshund your preferred pet. Dachshunds love companionship. They like having the household members around them and enjoy attention. They have a loud resounding bark which qualifies them as good watch dogs. They hate being left alone at home and will whine constantly until they find company. To relieve themselves of the stress of being left alone, they may chew bits and pieces of your furniture of carpet! Beware.

Training these cute creatures is a difficult task. It is often believed that the dachshund trains you more than you training the Dachshund. This does not mean that they are disobedient. The owner has to be firm and repeat the instructions for the dog to be trained well.

When it comes to maintaining a Dachshund pet, not much work is needed. As it is mandatory for any pet, constant check ups with the vet is needed. Since they have a thick coat, care needs to be taken in brushing the coat and keeping it free from ticks.

Dachshund puppies: A perfect pet for urban dwellers

Dachshund puppies are amongst the most popular breed of puppies and are nicknamed as hot puppies, wiener puppies or sausage puppies. Dachshund literally means badger dog, a breed said to be developed by Germans. In the past, they were used to exterminate and hunt badgers. However in the modern world, they are generally seen as a family pet.

The basic appearance of dachshund puppies looks like a barrel with an elongated body along with squat and short legs. While comparing with other breeds, you will find that dachshund has an un-proportioned leg but the other body parts more or less like other puppies.

The height of a dachshund puppy goes up to 15-18 inches (while growing up) with an average weight of about 16-28 pounds. Due to numerous crossbreeding, the body coat of a dachshund have resulted in different color palettes ranging from blue, cream, ochre, light red and chocolate brown. However, the color that is dominant is a mixture of black and brown, red and black.

Dachshund puppies are basically scent hounds that are coupled with large lungs, and their bark can surprisingly be basso and deep. These combinations once helped them to hunt small animals. Another important feature, which is appreciable in case of dachshund puppies, is that even with squat legs they can run fast and can avoid obstacles with utmost ease. However, all dachshund puppies require regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet.

Apart from that, dachshund puppies are less finicky and require very smaller space. So, most of the urban dwellers are adopting this dog as their pet.



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