Dealing with Shih Tzu Tear Stains

Shih Tzu Tear Stains

As a pet owner, one of the most common issues that you have to deal with is tear stain. You may think that these dark stains are usual and are found normally in the different Shih Tzus but this is a condition that needs immediate treatment.  You can ignore them at the risk of the health of your dog as it may cause permanent discolouration which encourages growth of yeast and bacteria.

Red yeasts are the most commonly responsible entity for the growth of tear stains. During the time of nutrient metabolism, these unicellular organisms are the ones which produce red pigments. They prefer to propagate on moist places and atmosphere where there are more saline concentration. This is the reason they grow in the areas around the eye. What you should ideally do is to bring your pet to the vet so that the consultant can provide the necessary antibiotic so that the growth of yeast can be stopped. In case the antibiotics do not have the desired effect then the vet may even suggest various other treatment options like surgery. These pigments when gets combined with the food bowls of your dog and the plastic water can even lead to more tears and stains in the face of your Shih Tzu. When these pigments gets in contact with water or food they get released and get on the fur of the face of the dog.

You should use food bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel and these should be small so that the face of your Shih Tzu does not get splashed into the food or water. In order to stop growth of yeast and bacteria you should also wipe the face of your dog. Moreover it is better to avoid coloured food stuffs and you should stick to light colored or white cream kibbles. You can also cook dog food at home and ensure that it is colourless. You need to make sure that your dog is not given to drink tap water as it has high iron content. This may cause straining. You should ideally give bottled water to your Shih Tzu and anyways water with a lot of iron is bad for your health also.

In fact you can try to get the stains off. Just use a solution of corn starch and boric acid. You need to ensure that it gets into the eyes of the dog and another dog licks it. Add 1/4th powdered buttermilk to the dog food or the stain remover. As far as the stain remover is concerned just follow the instructions to the letter- especially about the times you should apply it so that you get the desired results.

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